morning light

where did the morning light go? its was so sad to awake this morning in dark and foggy weather. i miss the bright sun when i get up at six. these pictures are just last week a little past six. damn you summer time!! -and yes, i know our windows are impressively dirty. what are you gonna do?

Emma: i only too late thought about hanging a note in our stairway for the others in our building reminding them of earth hour. hmm. next year i will spread the message. we only turned the lights on in the bathroom afterwards :) -oh yeah and i had to turn on the lights on the stairs when i came home with rufus. he can not move on stairs in darkness! its so funny. if the lights go out while he is on the stairs he will simply freeze right where he is and stay still the lights come on :)
Lina: you are forgiven. i thought i might forget but D and i remembered together.
Lea: tsch tsch tsch. i should have knocked on your door and let you know :)
Lisen: that is totally allowed -you have to find your way home!!
Louise: it reminded me how nice candlelight alone can be. we must keep it dark more often! and let time fly!


Cecilie said...

Haha ... mine vinduer er præcis, hvis ikke mere, lige så beskidte. Det er vist snart tid til den årlige vinduespudsning. Rigtig fin vægdekoration forresten!

Maria said...

It was the same kind of weather here too..grey. last week I woke up to sunshine every day and it was so easy to get up! Today it was hard:(

Our windows are extremly dirty too, I think the best thing is to clean them when they washed away the dust from the street. At least here it is really dusty in the spring when the snow melted away and the streets gets dry. (because of the sand they put on the snow during the winter)

em said...

... he he that's the bad thing with living in a big city, i know the problem from days in malmö's bigest crossing. ;)

hey - these pictures are like an inverted earth hour! :D SO BRIGHT LIGHT!

Bombay Beauty said...

There is something uniquely beautiful about morning light, a benediction to all living things.... BB

louise said...

My windows are equally in need of a clean, but it's not on my to do list today. xo lj

lea said...

mine vinduer ser også sådan ud! virkelig flot lys. du måtte meget gerne have banket på...tror jeg har været medlem af facebook gruppen sluk lyset i et år og så glemmer jeg det alligevel tsk tsk

lisen said...

calm down, our windows looks the same... ;)

nice thing with no sun is that they dont look so dirty then. but hm...I rather like the sun to shine too. But it will! Promise.

when skies are grey said...

I was so happy to see you guys are getting some nice sunshine over there, until I realized it was from weeks ago. But you will get some soon, I just know it :)