pictures of pictures

Among the photos on my old mobile phone where a whole bunch of pictures i have taken of magazines. its so funny to see these little pictures take out of their context and mixed together. im a busy busy bee, but even if i don't find time to comment as much as i would like on all your blogs -im still reading!!

Emma: Burrr.. today started out sunny and just as i had to go out it went cold and grey and windy!
Júlía; Hope its good snow! snow can still be nice, but its about time for it to disappear i think!
Sasha: Yeah, i saw that you got a lot of snow the ohterday! burrrr... I use the kettle in the picture for boiling water but im not sure what its called. I know its kind of fancy and that my parents got it as a wedding present a long long time ago.
BB: Exactly!
Thuva-Lisa: Åhh tusind tak! hvor er du sød at skrive det!


Julie said...

Orv man, det sidste billede er fedt :D

B said...

Din blog, er min redning og "lovlige" pause når jeg ellers skal skrive eksamens opgave..., her må jeg sige mange tusind tak, jeg SKAL jo tjekke bloggen, så det er vel lovligt nok...:)Krammer fra mig

Anne said...

Wowow...such a couple of great and sweet fi(e)nds!

Bombay Beauty said...

I like the idea of the the mobile phone camera as a visual scrapbook... BB said...

Så fina så fina.