Im soooo slow. I can't seem to finish the first film on my olympus om10. I guess i think to much about what i shoot and i really shouldn't cause i don't even know if it works at all!

Lisen: I actually do not know what to call it in danish but i think i get it! i think filifjonka is an international word!
Lina: its a really nice chair!
.girl ferment.: i think koalas are the most adorable animal and koala-cookies are the most adorable cookie!
Mieke Willems: YEs the kitchen is great too!


Brit said...

I have the same problem! Bought my yashica minister D a while ago, but always doubt about taking pictures... I'm looking forward to the results when I fiiiiinally finish the film! :D

Hanna Ã…berg said...

I have a two year-old film in my nikon. It will be exciting to see. I think Im gonna finish it soon :)

Bombay Beauty said...

I have an idea -- use your Olympus to take a picture of your digital camera! BB

Abeo said...

Yours is a really cute blog! Almost the nicest and colorful-est I've seen. Just wanna let you know. I enjoyed all the pictures and words.

TLC said...

i've just found your blog through 'my funny eye' and i love it! great pictures and design

pigeon.toed said...

i've been looking for a film camera! i like the idea of every shot counting - unlike digital where you take as many as you want without thinking about it

.girl ferment. said...

i am like that, i have had films sitting in my cameras for months.
having 2 processed at the moment and excited to see how far the images stretch back.

enjoy your remaining frames