This is what copenhagen looked like a very very early morning a couple of weeks ago. Today was the most sunny day in a long time and it was just perfect. can't wait for even higher temperatures. of course then i can't wear the hat i bought today. i will show you later. its knitted and purple and with sculls on it :)

Emma: Keep saying it:) sugen, sugen, sugen ..which reminds me.. im a little hungry
Anna: Yeah its definitely the biggest challenge gathering all the ingredients the first time -after that it gets easier :)
Lisen: Jeg ved slet ikke hvilken slags rugbrød i har i sverige? The pipes are for the gas stove and were a bit of a challenge when we put up the kitchen.
Lea: Elsker det også med smøreost, tomat og peber -men det med at putte rugbrød i toastmaskinen var en helt ny ide.
Fine little day: thank you!
Laura: I got this one from my grandmother and it always sits on the stove :) one of my friends has a whole bunch of them in different colours. lucky her.
Marie-eve: Sounds like just a perfect start to a new home! i some times ask my friends if they are sick of always getting sushi when i cook for them -luckily they are not, because its my favorite thing to make for people.
Sylvester and mama: and its very, very simple -you should try it :)
Ashley: Oh im so glad to hear!! say hi to him and wish him a speedy recovery!
BB: I love a classic grilled cheese -both with plastic-"cheese" and the fancier versions! i love it when you roast the bread on a grill-pan. mmmm... and then maybe with fresh mozzarella..
Mothersvea: Sushi is so photogenic! its terrible!
When skies are...: So glad you like looking at my stuff! i love sneak-peak at other peoples homes. its one of the best things about the blogworld!


emma said...

BURR! this is what it looked like yesterday night outside my windows! again!
-not today though. and i'm happy...!

Júlía. said...

This is what Reykjavik looks like right now!

SASHA said...

freeeezing in new york.
p.s. i love your teapot in your last post! what kind is it? mine has finally broken and i have been in a long search for a nicely shaped new one!

Bombay Beauty said...

Snow looks so pretty.... when it's in some other city! BB

Thuva-Lisa said...

AAh jag älskar din blogg! så fin