sushi and oversleeping

Friday we went to a friends house and made tons of sushi! so delicious! so perfect! Yesterday i went to work and then went to see a friend. When i got home around 7pm i was so tired i fell a sleep and slept almost till morning (where i of course woke at 6.30...). Thats why no blogging yesterday! i don't remember the last time i did not keep my blog-schedule and had a unplanned, unannounced break - but i guess that just means it was about time :) Actually my mom just called and left a message asking if i was okay because i hadn't updated. good to know that people keep track of me.

B: den følelse kender jeg godt! håber det hele kommer til at gå fantastisk!
Lisen: At the moment i go to work seven days a week. its a bit much, but somedays are really easy so its mostly okay. Think of taking one day off though. that could be good!
Ai: Happy weekend too! the picture is D holding up a stuffed elephant that rufus likes to play with! rufus is sitting and waiting to be allowed to jump up after it:)
BB: visiting friends is always good weekend activity!
Ep: Thanks! They are really beat up and not as pretty as they once were..
Johnny: it has been a little to much fun and not enough play with the dog :) hope you have had a good weekend
Brinja: it really is!


lina said...

sushi!! fantastic!

& i'm glad you are ok:]

emma said...

mmmmmmm, gott! :D
jag är mätt. men blir ändå sugen.
på svenska. :)

Anna said...

The sushi looks great. I've always wanted to try making it myself, looks a bit tricky though and it's the type of thing that needs to be well-formed...

kid.a said...

aww man this is so hard to look stomach is growling!

looks great! i wish i was there!!!

Anonymous said...

i am french, and i just wanted to say that i find your blog very cool, very beautifull. it's really pleasant to see.
bonjour chez vous !

Anonymous said...

from the french guy again : i forgot to sign up my name. i am theDuke.
i 'll try to come as often as possible on this blog. it 's also for me a way to discover your land and your way of life.
a bientot.

Bombay Beauty said...

Masterful sushi-ization! I have to avoid oversleeping myself, as it makes me really unsteady during the day... BB

Maria said...

mums! I've been thinking of making sushi soon again and your pictures tell me that I really have to!

Hanna Åberg said...

looks too delicious

... and what a nice mother you have :)

Anonymous said...

the sushi looks amazing!!

Marie-Eve said...

Sushi is good, but making it is even better. I ate it also, last friday, with delicious fresh salmon, to celebrate my new apartment. It's a good start, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Now THAT looks delicious!