two part dog

i love my little, yellow, two-part magnet dog! how fun would it be to switch a part with rufus....

Hanna: Oh, but its so sad! i want warmer weather! N O W
BB: its like reverse global warming... freezing...
Epe: Its the first time i feel envious of people with different seasons than here! gime some warmth!
E: and now the sun has even gone here.. the forecast says rain rain rain..
Sylvester and mama: Im giving it a go again tonight!
mothersvea: I have very little tolerance for people who are not cold :) -like D -he is always perfectly tempered.
Maria: i don't think we eat alot of meat, but i could not imagine going totally without it. I don't have enough vegetable-imagination..


PROVINS said...

Oh I want a dog aswell!!
Is it difficult in the city, or does he simply adjust??
He looks lovely :)

Bombay Beauty said...

You know they say that just having a pair of eyes looking at you (even if they are plastic, magnetic, or otherwise) keeps everyone more honest!


Maria said...

haha funny;) and rufus is laughing! have a nice friday!