o v e r l o a d

i have a problem. you know one of those "the first step is to admit you have a problem"-problems. I subscribe to an obscene amount of blogs! 7 1 3 to be exact! "Luckily" a good part of them has probably gone extinct since i subscribed, but it still amounts to an overload of posts! Part of my problem is that i never unsubscribe to a blog. Instead, if i find myself not enjoying a blog any more, i will simply move it to a certain folder in my reader and leave it there for a rainy day. You know, one of those days where you suddenly have no idea to do with your time and you have all ready read the other more (many many more) than 6 0 0 0 posts im behind.. (google reader stops counting once a folder has more than 1000 posts...). i will have to do something - soon - or at least before the last of my free time disappears into baby-world... but there is so much good stuff out there... help...

d.: Thank you so much -it is sort of scary..
Leen: Thank you -im exicting to see my world change.
nilleren: så du har gennemskuet, at du er en af de eneste jeg rent faktisk ville kunne bage en kage til....?
Kim: a baby elephant would be cool -especially if it was human-baby sized :)
BB: We hope rufus will be okay with someone else grabbing the attention!
Asphalt and air: Thank you thank you!
Maria: oh thank you so much! i hope some things will get easier in the next months. When i was the most tired a couple of weeks ago i almost could not pick up the camera! but i won't be able to stay away
Louise and Sandra: Thank you so much both of you!



w o w. you guys are so amazing! i don't know what else to say, other than thank you thank you thank you for all your sweet comments! you are the best readers in the world! it has been such a joy to read all your comments ticking in through the last 24 hours! I wish i could bake you all a cake :)

Everyone: THANK YOU!
Christine: Oh thank you so much for commenting! and visiting :)
Mario: Thank you! so cool to hear from new readers!
Lynn&Horst, Hanna, Emma, Fenke, : Yes, it is a beauty isn't it? who knew M + D = Elephant?
Famapa: He actually has a pet-elephant, so he is quite used to it! though he has chewed out its eyes, so maybe there will be trouble...
K: Congratulations on becoming an aunt! i LOVE being an aunt, though my nephew lives too fare away!
Katrine: Ha ha -så godt set!! og ja, nu er den opgave bare 15 sider der skal skrives :)
Mieke Willems: oh, you don't like our elephant-baby?? :)
Søster: Wuut wuut! jeg prøver at forestille mig dig og emil sige wuut wuut!
When Skies are grey: Im so looking forward to the "calm" second trimester!! hope it will start soon........
Cindy: Jamen Cindy! hvordan kunne du gætte det?? helt utroligt! Jeg skriver opgave til universitetet men så snart der er mere tid skal D og jeg på vår-tur til malmö!


hey baby!

finally, i can tell you all the secret i literally have been carrying around for three months! yes, if all goes as planned, our little family of three will be a baby bigger by the end of october!

it is so exiting and we are so happy.

but boy, does being pregnant take up a lot of your time and energy! things have already changed a little here on the blog - more unplanned breaks - like when i suddenly fall asleep in the afternoon and sleep through till the next morning -and things will probably keep changing! i don't know if i can keep up my old steady schedule and im not sure if i can keep up all the replies either! though i will do my best! because i love posting, love hearing from you and love giving you all a little reply back. we will just have to wait and see!

Hanna: How crazy! i have never had a word like that!
Emma: :) yeah its a good colour-combo!
Katrine: Åhr tillykke og held og lykke med trykningen! som du måske kan forestille dig er det en lille smule hårdt at arbejde og skulle skrive opgave samtidig med at være gravid :) så min bachelor går nok ikke helt så godt som man kunne ønske sig. Men hvad. Man må bare acceptere at ens prioriteringer ændre sig
Maria: I just asked D: so, are we going back to bottega to night?? i so wanted more of their food!! but we cannot afford eating out that much, so i will just drool over the photos!
B: Ja, han stikker altid sin snude i alting!
BB: Rufus had alot of brothers and sisters -but they were all gone when we found him :) he was the last of his litter because he was a little shy! I tell you, Whippets are such a good breed! i highly recommend it!


rufus and the flowerbed

these are from the cemetery too. i love these little purple-blue flowers that grow randomly everywhere.

Hanna: I have never tried a nasty word! what was it, what was is?
Cecilie: tak! det var faktisk D der sagde at jeg skulle tage et billede af vores fødder :)
Lina: oh it really was. i think i have to make some homemade pizza again soon!
Emma: no its should just stay like this. it was a really good place to eat with lots of nice details!
D: you just love that for once you can win a fight :)
BB: it was a little cold sitting outside in the shadow, but not too cold and the sun came with the dessert.
Gracia: :) it was quite romantic!
lISen: it was such nICE ICE. so nice that i did not get a chance to photograph it!
Epe: Yay! its goood to beee baaack


im back

Im back again! these are some pics from at little celebratory dinner D and I had a a great great restaurant called Bottega. i L O V E Italian food and they master it to perfection. We finished off with a walk home and ice cream from a place called Paradis (is = ice cream). yummy. The weather has been so beautiful and perfect here! i love these weeks before it really gets really hot. its just sun and warmth. Its good to be back! i have missed you!

Ane vik eines: Thanks! they are from H&M!
Lea: jeg er ikke helt sikker på hvor sjovt rufus syntes det var :)
Katrine: I just love how the place is so random! everything seems random!
Wix: he is very huggable! if only he wasn't so skinny! you can hurt your self on his bones :)
Kristina: Tak!
B: :)
Lina: The flowers were totally random. its an old cemetary and everything seems so random.
Gracia: Yeah its a little breathing space!
Steph: I really love the cemetarys that works as parks! i want to be burried in one like that -not one with prestine rows of graves
Sarah Carlson: Ha - I can see the dinosaur in him when you can't see his ears:) about the reproducing.. that boat has sailed im afraid. and sometimes i do think its a little sad
Louise: He does! lots of grass and stuff to smell!
Sakletarn: Tack!
Emma: He can totally hide his ears and his tail too! looks so weird!
Mieke Willems: Thank you
Epe: I love the huge, old pinetrees you often find in cemetaries! i wonder if its a really danish thing, using them as parks -i think it might even be a copenhagen-thing!
Maike: Copenhagen is all about spring these days -actually almost summer-like!
Hanna: Tak -i could never keep totally away from the computer -im too addicted!
Cindy: Så hyggeligt at høre fra dig! håber alt er godt?
Louise Therese: Jeg synes dine converse er seje!! men jeg føler mig også nogle gange for gammel til mine egne sko..
Maria: spring-colours! tak!
Lisen: Im not sure R loved D all that much -D always wins their fights...
BB: Cool that you are/were in stockholm! i wanna go to stockholm!
milk tooth's rain: Thank you so much! im so happy you like it here!
linnéa: Det er rigtig godt at høre fra dig!


m i a

hey people. im gonna follow Emmas advice/example and go m.i.a. for a week or so. there isn't enough time in the day - who knows, maybe i won't be able to stay away! enjoy spring!

everyone: thanks for all your sweet comments all the time!


cemetery fun

the cemetery close to where we live is not in use any more and therefore works as a park and nice place to take a walk. I like the place because of the big pine trees and the randomness of the graves. I know it might sound weird to go the cemetery to relax, but it is a really nice place.

Maria: Cool photoshoot if it was us in the background, but no its just a picture :)
Ai: They do -this one just seems to keep returning :) i really should remember to appreciate when i do not have a headache!!
Emma: You have got candy-eagle-eyes! that was really nicely spotted of you, cus yes, it is a candy necklace that my friend sigrid gave me recently :)
Sandra: i love little cups like that, but it can be hard to find good use for them!
Leen: Thanks! they are from H&M!!
BB: i know! i don't buy flowers often but these were sooo cheap! 5 "bouquets" for only 10 danish kr!!
mieletcannelle: Im so glad you decided to delurk! your blog looks really good!


r o s e

Pink roses and just stuff on our kitchen table.

Emma,Lisen, Kate: thank you! they are my favourite spring-shoes all ready!
Katrine: vi er ret vilde med Eriks og det er langt bedre end andre bagerier i området!! jeg sender en mail --skal bare lige have den skrevet :)
Lina & BB: So funny that they are american! The place we bought the ice-coffee is actually called O´s American Breakfast & Barbeque -so i guess the cups are not weird but just authentic! cool!
Epe: Thank you! so funny to see you copenhagen vacation! cool!
Sylvester+mama: it was!


sweetheart coffee

Yesterday i met up with Louise and we had weird ice-coffee in some very 80ies-90ies style cups called sweetheart. Later D joined us and Louise made us dinner at her place. delicious.

Trampoline: so cool that you stopped by! the blog looks really really good!
BB: there definately is a easter egg and bunny tradition, but i have not celebrated that kind of easter in years.
Stefanie: you got it!
Pappi: glædelig glædelig påske!
Emma: i know. its a very delicate little cake :)
Epe: thank you!
Lea: Kagen var ret god, men jeg er mere til klassikere som romkugler og jordbærkager :) eneste problem med eriks bageri er at de har lukket på de mærkeligste tidspunkter!
.girl ferment: no i stuck to orange juice and some pineapple and banana
Sara: oh how cool! one year! thats a big thing!
Maria: the cake is called Syrling and its sort of a grape-mousse on a chocolate base. very light and summerly! when you have a headache in the weekend, people often assumes its your own fault :) and sometimes it is... :)
vintageveggie: i know! i want one again!
Mi Confesión: jep! de kan det med kager der ude!
Kiwitz: agreed!


eriks cakes

a while back Katrine wrote about a baker in our neighbourhood. Lea and d and i were dying to find out which baker it was since its really hard to find a good (not crazy expensive) one around here. Turns out it was Eriks bakery and they just won cake of the year with this little treat. Thanks for the tip, Katrine! the headache is sort of gone and the weather is still beautiful! D thought i sound almost suicidal in my last post so i just wanted to say that it is all good.

em: i always end up feeling bad if i haven't updated here. maybe thats a bad sign. i should take some more breaks and learn to deal with it :) glad påsk! håber vejret er godt hos dig!
Sarah: Når man har købt 20 kiwier må man prøve forskellige serveringsmetoder! jeg har også gjort en del i den klassiske halve kiwi spist med ske
Brit: It depends on what fruit i use. if i use berries i will often add yogurt natural. If i use maybe mango or kiwi or pineapple i will probably use orange juice instead of yogurt. and a little apple juice and fresh ginger is always a good trick!
BB: you do know that one of them is a cup of coffee right? :) green is not my favourite smoothie color either.
B: Nyd påsken, din bog og smoothie! det lyder ret godt!
Epe: thank you!
Lisen: Luckily i had all ready taken a long nice walk in the sun with d and the dog before the headache came! nyd solen!
Katrine: Det er først lige gået op for mig at jeg kommer af med min dårlige samvittighed i rigtig lang tid til juni! fantastisk. det med billederne er lidt kompliceret -jeg sender dig en mail!
Hanna: Åhh nej, hope you feel better! no more headaches!! glad påsk, Hanna!


e a st e r

the weather is beautiful and im tired and have a headache. happy easter everyone.



our internet connection has been falling out a bit to frequently these past few days. thats why no blogging yesterday. im enjoying easter more than i have time to! should be doing a lot of things that im not. instead i made a kiwi-smoothie for breakfast and now im making a delicious pizza... mmm... Im trying to broaden my fruit horizon and buy whats in sale at the fruit and vegetable guy. i hardly ever eat kiwis but i have been doing so all week. yesterday i bought a bunch of plums.

Fine little day: there are alot of awesome dog-photos on her site! chuck is a real poser!
when skies..: Thank you! i really think the weather-site is an unique idea!
Wix: im dreading taking it to the camera-quy. don't wanna know how bad it is! on Trine Trampolines flickr it says copenhagen, denmark, but who knows..!
Maike: you are welcome! im crossing my fingers. -and have been searching through my computer for the lost digi-shots -but no luck
Kristina: Tak! kamera og jeg er ikke gode venner disse dage!
Lina: im glad to know im not the only who unlucky :)
Cecilie: jeg er også helt besat af den!
BB: today has been pretty good, but i still don't trust my camera
Ai: that is really really strange! you should write them!
Sine: Det lyder som en god ide
Lisen: rigtig rigtig god påsk!
.girl ferment.: tv should have more aesthetic weather-forecasts!


trine trampoline

i fffffound this incredible drawing through fffffound and it let me to the flickr of a danish girl with the wonderful name Trine Trampoline. I think she is very very talented - i really love the creatures in this drawing.

But not this drawing nor Trine Trampolines wonderful name is enough to take me out of the foul mood im in. I seem to have lost fifty pictures in the transfer from the camera to the computer. stupid me i did not check the folder on my computer before deleting them from the camera :/ even worse: I finally finished the film on my analogue camera and then it totally jammed when i tried to rewind it! the whole film. spoiled :( and what is even even worse! something seems to have locked in the camera making it impossible to load a new film and to take pictures!!!! :( :( :( now i have to take it to a repair-guy and im not looking forward to paying for fixing a camera i don't even know if works :( :(

Brit, Lina, Stephanie: Glad you like it!
Freja: Tak for din kommentar! bukserne er faktisk en rigtig fin mint-grøn og fordi jeg er meget dårlig til at gå i farver, har jeg helt sikkert tænkt mig at bruge en masse sort til. så det hele ikke bliver for pastelfarvet! go crazy på din hvide jeans!



i just really really love this weather-site i found through Lolita. The aesthetics are . j u s t . p e r f e c t.

everybody: thank you thank you for all your sweet comments. im so glad you like it too!
Roberta Jane: Cool! my designs are free to rip-off!
B: oj 2 m sne. det lyder fuldstændigt uoverskueligt!! håber det var fedt!



I made this bag and altered this old pair of jeans today and im really happy with the result. Seems this spring will be in pastels.. it will be a good mix-up for all my greys and blacks! The bag is a spring/summer version of the giant bag i made in fall. The decoration on the jeans is a total, 100% rip-off from the talented designer Laura Mackness.

Ai: in denmark some people seem to go extra crazy when it get hot because its cold so much for the year. And when danes travel abroad they often take off a lot of clothes and scare the locals with the white, pasty skin :)
Cecilie: Netop -alle dem der solbader i 15 graders varme!
La Sale Bete: That has always been one of my favourite things about Denmark: that seasons change!!
Júlía: It really is a treat. And i often get disappointed when i finally drink coffee at cafés. there is only a few places in town where i would not worry about paying alot for coffee and thats anywhere they sell Coffee Collective coffee!!
Maria: Oh no not more snow! i don't think i could handle more snow!
Steph: I know -just the right spring temperature! thats the best part for the year! Bang og jensen (no problems with your spelling) is a good deal - i love refill! but the cafe is often too crowded i think.
Lisen: Maybe you could eat off your head right before you needed a shower anyway... or would that be disgusting?
Asphalt and air + favoritos: THANK you so much for pointing me in the direction of chuck and heather!! cool!
Anonymous: Tak! jeg kigger forbi.