coffee on the roof

yesterday i had coffee with my good friend Louise on a rooftop terrace overlooking cph. its on the top floor of the department store Illum. its has been such perfect weather these last days! just the warm temperatures i have been waiting for! But Louise and i got talking about how we both get annoyed with people who are overly spring- and summerpeople! I L O V E the spring! love love love! but we both react against those people who have to spend every waking moment outside or in a park or at the beach all spring and summer. Those who feel like they are constantly missing something if they are not having ice cream or beers in the park -they make us wanna stay inside just in spit :)

Lea + When skies...: I took the fog picture a very very early morning on my way to work -when waiting for the lights to turn. the other bikers looked at me funny :)
Maike: keep them hopes. when they said it would be warm this week i did not believe them, but it has been wonderful!
Sandra: I could so eat that sandwich right now! have a fantastic weekend!


Anonymous said...

I agree. We don't really have an "outdoor" culture in a sense that some people feel the need to be outside all the time, but I did notice them when I lived in Vancouver. Some guys would go shirtless near the beach, and no matter how hot they were, I just didn't like having to look at half-naked people running around or women with their tits hanging out. I personally much prefer colder weathers and the cultures born out of them, and this may be because I'm from a snow country. Anyway, have a great Sunday, Mette!

Cecilie said...

Haha ... vel sagt! Jeg forstår heller ikke hvorfor man er opdraget med at ligeså snart solen skinner, så SKAL man være udenfor lige meget hvad. Hvad sker der også for dem som nærmest allerede er i shorts og sandaler? Roooolig nu :-)

la_sale_bete said...

i agree about the spring. it feels like spring about 9 months out of the year here. ice cream and the park are nice enough, but i miss the other seasons and some excuses to hunker down indoors once and awhile!

Júlía. said...

MM. Coffee. I love it. Making it, drinking it, smelling it.
But it is so expensive in Copenhagen, it's really a treat to go out and have coffee!

Maria said...

To have a coffee on a rooftop terrace - how lovely that sounds!! It's getting warmer here too but yesterday it snowed really wet it was raining. I hope next week will be sunny.
I like to hang outside in the summer but NOT all the time of course!

steph. said...

this is the danish weather i love! warm but not hot, and lovely and bright!

julia, i know what you mean! try 'bang og jensen' on istedgade (hmm...spelling?). it is 18kr for unlimited refills of coffee or tea! it is so lovely inside too, i spent many an afternoon in there cosying up in the winter, or outside on the footpath in summer.