our internet connection has been falling out a bit to frequently these past few days. thats why no blogging yesterday. im enjoying easter more than i have time to! should be doing a lot of things that im not. instead i made a kiwi-smoothie for breakfast and now im making a delicious pizza... mmm... Im trying to broaden my fruit horizon and buy whats in sale at the fruit and vegetable guy. i hardly ever eat kiwis but i have been doing so all week. yesterday i bought a bunch of plums.

Fine little day: there are alot of awesome dog-photos on her site! chuck is a real poser!
when skies..: Thank you! i really think the weather-site is an unique idea!
Wix: im dreading taking it to the camera-quy. don't wanna know how bad it is! on Trine Trampolines flickr it says copenhagen, denmark, but who knows..!
Maike: you are welcome! im crossing my fingers. -and have been searching through my computer for the lost digi-shots -but no luck
Kristina: Tak! kamera og jeg er ikke gode venner disse dage!
Lina: im glad to know im not the only who unlucky :)
Cecilie: jeg er også helt besat af den!
BB: today has been pretty good, but i still don't trust my camera
Ai: that is really really strange! you should write them!
Sine: Det lyder som en god ide
Lisen: rigtig rigtig god påsk!
.girl ferment.: tv should have more aesthetic weather-forecasts!


em said...

plums! :D it's liks "plask!" in swedish ;)
looks yummy! i like kiwis in smoothies tooo! happy easter holidays. and the net-connection falling out could be a good reason to get some net-vacation (wich would be very boring for us...your readers, though) ;)

Sarah Carlson said...

Hmmm, pudsigt så eksotisk en kiwi pludselig virker når den kommer i en smoothie...slet ikke det samme som når den er skåret i tynde skiver eller delt i to.

Brit said...

I'm curious, do you make your smoothies out of only fruit? Or do you add a bit of yoghurt or some kind of juice or something else?

Bombay Beauty said...

May I be honest? These smoothies scare me. It's just the colors - nothing personal! BB

B said...

Tak for din fantastiske inspiration, jeg har endelig fjernet støvet fra min blender, og bruger den nu til dejlige friske smooties:) Rigtig dejlig påske til jer. Jeg skal nyde solen i sommerhuset med en god bog.

.girl ferment. said...

smoothies look great.
did you put milk with the kiwi?
does it work?