fog > < sun

to think that one morning could look like the first pic and an afternoon the same week could look like the second pic. seems like two different worlds! D and i spent a splendid afternoon yesterday walking home and ate a delicious sandwich at the harbour islandsbrygge. When we got home we bought some quite delicious ice cream as well but i forgot to photograph it!

Julia: that sounds so cozy!
Emma: its a good detail!
Kristina, Lina: indeed
Veja Cecilia: Never!
Kiwitz: I don't think i know mikazaki? who is it?
Epe: Thank you!
ai: hi hi -your comment made me laugh


lea said...

wow - the fog photo is very beautiful!
and that sandwich sure looks delicious

when skies are grey said...

how un-original am I. I was going to say the same thing as lea. But it really IS beautiful fog and that sandwich DOES look yummy :)

Maike Hemmers said...

uh I hope the weather is going to change like this today ... well now it is almost 2 o'clock, so I don't think so ... but I am not going to give up my hope haha

sandra said...

that salami. yum! i hope your weekend is great :)