Husmann Tschaeni

i have had this picture by Husmann Tschaeni lying around for ever and today it was just what i needed. some colour. i need to go looking for some more colour!

All: Im so glad all you like it too.
When skies are grey: Today has been semi-sunny and the temperatures finally feel like spring!
mieke willems: would you come clean mine??
Kim: I like that! cool to make somebody obsessed!


emma said...

hallå! the socks! so great. the socks.

Kristina said...

underbar! vilka fantastiska färger!

lina said...


Veja cecilia said...

u can never have to much color!

Kiwitz said...

its beautiful, it reminds me of a mikazaki film :) don´t you think?

Anonymous said...

Holy crap, this is stunning.