im back

Im back again! these are some pics from at little celebratory dinner D and I had a a great great restaurant called Bottega. i L O V E Italian food and they master it to perfection. We finished off with a walk home and ice cream from a place called Paradis (is = ice cream). yummy. The weather has been so beautiful and perfect here! i love these weeks before it really gets really hot. its just sun and warmth. Its good to be back! i have missed you!

Ane vik eines: Thanks! they are from H&M!
Lea: jeg er ikke helt sikker på hvor sjovt rufus syntes det var :)
Katrine: I just love how the place is so random! everything seems random!
Wix: he is very huggable! if only he wasn't so skinny! you can hurt your self on his bones :)
Kristina: Tak!
B: :)
Lina: The flowers were totally random. its an old cemetary and everything seems so random.
Gracia: Yeah its a little breathing space!
Steph: I really love the cemetarys that works as parks! i want to be burried in one like that -not one with prestine rows of graves
Sarah Carlson: Ha - I can see the dinosaur in him when you can't see his ears:) about the reproducing.. that boat has sailed im afraid. and sometimes i do think its a little sad
Louise: He does! lots of grass and stuff to smell!
Sakletarn: Tack!
Emma: He can totally hide his ears and his tail too! looks so weird!
Mieke Willems: Thank you
Epe: I love the huge, old pinetrees you often find in cemetaries! i wonder if its a really danish thing, using them as parks -i think it might even be a copenhagen-thing!
Maike: Copenhagen is all about spring these days -actually almost summer-like!
Hanna: Tak -i could never keep totally away from the computer -im too addicted!
Cindy: Så hyggeligt at høre fra dig! håber alt er godt?
Louise Therese: Jeg synes dine converse er seje!! men jeg føler mig også nogle gange for gammel til mine egne sko..
Maria: spring-colours! tak!
Lisen: Im not sure R loved D all that much -D always wins their fights...
BB: Cool that you are/were in stockholm! i wanna go to stockholm!
milk tooth's rain: Thank you so much! im so happy you like it here!
linnéa: Det er rigtig godt at høre fra dig!


Hanna Åberg said...

hey! bra att du är tillbaka!

(I hate these word verifications. it's a very nasty word right now.)

Cecilie said...

Mmmh ... hvor ser maden lækker ud! Og rigtig fine billeder. Jeg kan især godt lide det første med jeres fødder : )

lina said...

the top photo is adorable:]
& that pizza looks so good!

em said...

Lookin' good, that pizza. Cool that you're back! And nice flowers thera at your table too!
Yes the weather is doesn't have to get warmer.

Dennis said...

That beer was delicious! I wish I could remember the name of it - it's italian I know that much..

And yes I win every d vs. r-fight, he's such a pacifist, I love that about him

Bombay Beauty said...

Stockholm was cold most of the week -- too cold to alfresco it... But the Friday was ideal for the long night... I'm told that summer has suddenly popped out back in the US and that means two things... alfresco dining and spontaneous picnics...


gracia said...

Such food!
Such sweetness!
All feet intertwined and darling.

Lisen said...

nICE name paradIS! :D

epe said...

yummy! It's good that you are back!

Maria said...

good that you're back!!
that dinner looks sooooo nice, and you're sitting outside and all, lovely:)