o v e r l o a d

i have a problem. you know one of those "the first step is to admit you have a problem"-problems. I subscribe to an obscene amount of blogs! 7 1 3 to be exact! "Luckily" a good part of them has probably gone extinct since i subscribed, but it still amounts to an overload of posts! Part of my problem is that i never unsubscribe to a blog. Instead, if i find myself not enjoying a blog any more, i will simply move it to a certain folder in my reader and leave it there for a rainy day. You know, one of those days where you suddenly have no idea to do with your time and you have all ready read the other more (many many more) than 6 0 0 0 posts im behind.. (google reader stops counting once a folder has more than 1000 posts...). i will have to do something - soon - or at least before the last of my free time disappears into baby-world... but there is so much good stuff out there... help...

d.: Thank you so much -it is sort of scary..
Leen: Thank you -im exicting to see my world change.
nilleren: så du har gennemskuet, at du er en af de eneste jeg rent faktisk ville kunne bage en kage til....?
Kim: a baby elephant would be cool -especially if it was human-baby sized :)
BB: We hope rufus will be okay with someone else grabbing the attention!
Asphalt and air: Thank you thank you!
Maria: oh thank you so much! i hope some things will get easier in the next months. When i was the most tired a couple of weeks ago i almost could not pick up the camera! but i won't be able to stay away
Louise and Sandra: Thank you so much both of you!


ninja hanna said...

hippos have gained a whole lotta more of my interest after seeing this picture. the little one looks like a baloon! so cute. i did not know that they were loud though.
and yeah the bbq was perfect (except the weather)

sandra said...

713! wow! i have 60 in my google reader and think that's too many :) just delete them, it's like cleaning the wardrobe, once you've thrown/given away the clothes you don't remember them anymore :)

Cecilie said...

Shit hvor vildt! Jeg læser 91 blogs og det synes jeg er mange. Men jeg sletter altså også en blog lige så snart den ikke inspirerer mig mere. Livet er for kort til kedelige blogs!

B said...

Hej Søde Mette
Regner med kommentaren K, var til mig...hehe, bare jeg da ikke ligner min mor SÅ meget... Er blevet vaccineret i dag..av av.Kram B:)

Kiwitz said...

i´m on internet all day long , because i have to and i work on that. If you dont. well enjoy the real life :)

leave that for when you are 27 :p jiji


Anonymous said...

There are so many blogs to read...

but what I really wanted to say is many many many congratulations on the baby! That is wonderful news!


Anne said...

Aww Mette, such happy news about your baby!! Congrats to you all three and to the little one coming to joining you! ALL things good to you!

gracia said...

Wow! 713... that is most impressive... and I can well imagine you might feel overloaded. Your system sounds a little like mine; I never seem to unsubscribe either.

Congratulations on your most exciting news! I look forward to seeing what you share of it here in this space... and wish you and your sweetie smooth sailing.

g xo

myszy said...

i use netvibes and it's very organized. highly recommended.

Violette von Rosenweiß said...

this is really such an awesome experimental blog. I'm in love!