r o s e

Pink roses and just stuff on our kitchen table.

Emma,Lisen, Kate: thank you! they are my favourite spring-shoes all ready!
Katrine: vi er ret vilde med Eriks og det er langt bedre end andre bagerier i området!! jeg sender en mail --skal bare lige have den skrevet :)
Lina & BB: So funny that they are american! The place we bought the ice-coffee is actually called O´s American Breakfast & Barbeque -so i guess the cups are not weird but just authentic! cool!
Epe: Thank you! so funny to see you copenhagen vacation! cool!
Sylvester+mama: it was!


Maria said...

sweet top photo! first I thought it really was you two sitting there but then I realized it was a photo of you:) or??
pink roses are nice.

emma said...

sweet roses! and ...hey, is there a candy-necklace down to the left in the second photo? :D

sandra said...

so beautiful. i love the ceramic can! and the egg cup.

Bombay Beauty said...

I really like flowers, but never remember to buy any... That seems a little lame, but truth is even worse.... I like flowers but don't like dealing with the sad mess when they're wilted and have to be thrown in the bin... BB

Anonymous said...

These are so lovely and classic - enjoying the blog.. Thought I'd delurk and tell you so!

Lisen said...

lovley! cool to see you in the background there... :)