rufus and the flowerbed

these are from the cemetery too. i love these little purple-blue flowers that grow randomly everywhere.

Hanna: I have never tried a nasty word! what was it, what was is?
Cecilie: tak! det var faktisk D der sagde at jeg skulle tage et billede af vores fødder :)
Lina: oh it really was. i think i have to make some homemade pizza again soon!
Emma: no its should just stay like this. it was a really good place to eat with lots of nice details!
D: you just love that for once you can win a fight :)
BB: it was a little cold sitting outside in the shadow, but not too cold and the sun came with the dessert.
Gracia: :) it was quite romantic!
lISen: it was such nICE ICE. so nice that i did not get a chance to photograph it!
Epe: Yay! its goood to beee baaack


Hanna Åberg said...

it was pussy, but in swedish. gasp

em said...

blue flowers, green grass, pink legs! love it! :D

Katrine Ny said...

Årh nice ones! I like especially the last one with the light coming through his skin!
Tak for lykønskningen iøvrigt. Jeg blev dog lidt forsinket og måtte også lige inddrage fredag. Men nu er værket klar til at blive trykt imorgen! Fantastisk fornemmelse! Jeg håber det går godt med din bachelor. :)

B said...

Den lille søde hund er så nysgerrig:) Love love love him:) Fantastisk at have dig tilbage:) Knus fra svigerinde mig....

Bombay Beauty said...

Awww... I want I dog! Does Rufus have any eligible brothers or sisters? BB

hanna-happenings said...

Hi there! I´ve never been here before, but I must say that the picture of the sun shining through the dogs leg is amazing. I´ll be back!