busy bee

im still a very busy bee writing and writing and reviewing and writing! lucky me i had a little break from friday night till saturday noon when my sister, her man and little ivan came to visit! its been too long since i saw him last! I warn you: i took 150 photos of him in half an hour so you will have to deal with some more cuteness later. I hope you are all good!



Just stopping by to let some summer in on this blog. Can't handle more days with rain-pictures, even if they do suit my thesis-writing-mood. These are from sunday where we visited my aunt and uncle and had delicious tapas in their lovely garden. They live really close by in a lovely place called a haveforening (garden-community) in danish -its like small houses with gardens in a small and quiet community and in my wisdom this morning i really do not know how to translate it to english :) well it is a really idyllic place and the perfect little in the city getaway for D and i when we visit. hope i will have some more blogging time soon!


weather change

We have had some crazy weather changes here lately. From sun to rain-storm to sun in no time. The other day i photographed it.

everyone: Thank you for the nice words about our dear sofa! i like that you all liked it so much. and i feel a little bad about selling it when you all liked it so much :) i do miss it, but not as much using it as just having it around. I can't wait till i have time to get started on the redecoration of the living room! -and thank you for the sweet words about the d and r shot. rufus loves lying like that and i love the image! For those interested im finishing my bachelor in rhetoric and the thesis is on something like; a study of how the web is best used for persuasion, how the internet makes instant activation and mobilization possible and an analysis of how two different sites uses the possibilities of web communication... or something...


one + one =

I hope you have had a wonderful weekend. i did. how cute are the two in this picture? tomorrow and the next week will be a whole lotta work! only 10 days till my thesis is due.


r i p sofa

its a day of sorrow and a day of moving on. today two young fellows came and picked up the worlds longest and brownest sofa. We sold it because the living room was getting too crowded with the scull-cave and every thing and i wanted a sofa you could take a nap on :) But i did really love our long brown sofa and im gonna miss it. hope she gets a good home. i think people will be drinking alot of beer in her and i think she would like that!

Hanna: Oh i was so close to doing that when i read you comment, but..
Gracia: ...i didn't because we where having a friend over for home made burgers later and i wanted my appetite for that :)
Lea: Ja Remas har en total dårlig tendens til aldrig at blive modne! virkelig strengt!
E: i hate that avocados are not cheaper! then i would eat five a day!
Cecilie: he he - men det er sundt mundvand!
Roberta Jane: Oh what a cool thing to have an avocado-owning father!! i wish i could grow my own in my windowsill
when skies are grey: I did the exact thing today :9
Maria: That is a tuna-salad with lots of garlic, lemon, sour cream and cucumber! yummy!
Tommy: Yeah i think its a very good craving to have! one of the best things you can do for your baby -maybe the baby will come out in a nice avocado-green shade :)


l u n c h

okay, so maybe I don't like cake any more. And maybe I never seem to be able to eat anything for dinner.. -But lunch! ah... lunch is the meal! I usually start lunch an hour or two after breakfast - which for me means around 9 in the morning - and continue lunch until sometime in the afternoon. What these pictures for some reason do not accurately portray is how many avocados I eat. I could eat avocado all day every day and I almost do. Avocado salad, avocado sandwich, guacamole, avocado ala avocado.. you name it. I just ate half an avocado and I am trying to restrain my self from getting the other half in the kitchen...

Famapa: Rufus is also an excellent legwarm -actually its one of the things he does best!
Saga and Epe: i know, we are very proud :)
E: yeah, what would you be?? its actually hard. i think maybe a lamp?
Anonymous: ha! using pets as killing machines! rufus chases flies but i don't remember him catching one!
Maria: Now that would be a trick!
Katrine: han finder sig i alt den hund!
Lynn and horst: the birds? sure!
Ai: Thank you! i know -i have come the conclusion that ice cream helps focus!



we use rufus as a table sometimes.

Hanna: Lets have a internet-ice cream right now!
Alice: Very -just think if all birds had colourful legs!
BB: I actually have some ice cream in the freezer so i think i will tonight!
May: oh i know -it will be so good to have all that free time - and mind, when im done!
Sakletarn: maybe you would find my legs scary too :)
Infing: han elsker sin hule!



i like occasionally wearing white socks. especially with grey gym-pants or tight blue jeans. when i was young a friend of mine used to tease me with my legs being so white they were almost blue, so i feel kind of in kin with these birds. She was right actually -but my blue legs are not as cool a blue as the birds. There are only two weeks until i have to turn in my bachelor-thesis and right now im sitting in the university library desperately trying to focus and desperately wanting to eat ice cream instead..

Mutti: De var sådan et fint par!
mieke willems: Yes it is! Lekman is perhaps my favourite -we played A LOT of jens lekman at our wedding so it always brings back the best memories!
Maria: No that can't be healthy at all! i just look forward to finally enjoying a sweet cake with whiped cream again :)
Epe: he is the best -we saw him the last time he was in copenhagen and it was wonderful!
Fanny: Thank you so much fanny! The weather is weird now, but im hoping for some more summer soon so i can give you more sunny pictures!



We had some family over saturday. I made pizza and the scull-cave finally got some more visitors -rufus has been the only one using it lately :) hope you all had a nice weekend!

Everybody: I know, I know, you are all right. Its really a good thing that i don't feel like eating sweets and it is actually nice not to get sugar cravings, but still -its a little sad, cos cake is such a fun thing to eat!
Abeo: Oh i know it can be a bitch that the pictures are so big, but they are so much better in big! i do adjust the resolution to make them load quicker but i don't wanna compromise with the quality. Maybe it will help to read the blog through a rss-reader? then it won't have to load all the site elements. Hope you will keep reading :)
Ai: that is so crazy!! what a weird video!
Lisen: now i feel lucky -i can't imagin craving dirt -how would you know that that was what you wanted to eat??



So about those eating habits. Actually i haven't really experienced that many weird or funny cravings, but i all of a sudden have a big problem with sweets! of all things. I used to love every thing sweet - candy, chocolate, cake -what ever- but since the beginning of my pregnancy i have not been able to eat anything sweet! its getting better though. i can handle some chocolate here and there and some cake too -if its not too sweet, but just like pancakes, hindbærsnitter are out of the question! D has made some on several occasions, but i just can not bring my self to eat them! so sad. My sister was the opposite. never ate desert her whole life and all of a sudden she liked cake.

Emma: ha ha - when i was a kid we always though nuetella was so german :) but yeah, its some of the sweets i can handle now.
Hanna: Hope you found some strawberries! i have to get some more... And wow -that picture is so... freaky!
Lisen: Yeah, it was really delicious -but some mornings all i can eat is knækbrød with nothing on it!
Maike: it is totally wierd when your body and taste all of a sudden changes! nuetella is a new thing -i could not eat that in the beginning!
Ai: Thank you so much. i hope so too :) - and yeah i want one too! for me and my mother :)
▶ Saga: thank you -i hope just some of my appetite for sweets return soon!
Kiwitz: Yeah its pretty cool!
Epe: is wish i had time for that kind of breakfast everyday
Mads: wow tusind tak! jeres blog ser ret fin ud!
Louise: yes that cup sweetens up everything!
Lynn and Horst: oh i can just imagine a mens version... .... ....
▶ la_sale_bete + Gracia: i know they have the best look on their faces!
Maria: here you go -a little more preggo-info
▶ Young: Cool!
Misako mimoko: your welcome -and im looking forward to checking out your blog! i love the layout!
Cecilie: jeg kan se hvad du mener :)
sopchan: you never need an excuse to eat something so delicious!



how perfect is this?



good old breakfast. i love when i have time to switch my normal high-nutrition and very effective breakfast with something a bit less sensible and a bit more enjoyable. Reading a book or newspaper and enjoying a long breakfast is something i don't have much time for and probably won't have for a long long long time. PS: remember those delicious brunches i eat back in the beginning of February?? i have not been able to eat neither omelets or pancakes since becoming pregnant. how sad is that?? Feeling sick with the thought of something sooo delicious!! -there might be a whole post in explaining my new eating habits..

Rynke: right away! i will send rufus to the postoffice with the sandwich and the sorbet -he probably won't eat it on the way.... .... .... ....
Katrine: Björk was such a big part of my youth! i too took a break -i think it was around Vespertine and then came back -not as fanatic, but i still love her and have so many memories with her music. Actually both Vespertine and Medula has proven to be some of my favourite albums.
Stafanie: Yeah, for little under a year D and i lived in a house in central Reykjavik. I dream of going back and at the same time the isolation made us crazy at times! 1: if you don't have a car you are isolated! 2: if you don't have money you were isolated (at that time)! 3: with a postal and customs-service like icelands you are isolated :)
Lina: oh i don't know that one -and you did make a line :)
E: The sticker is right by the gate to our backlot so i smile at it every time i come home on my bike.
Lisen: Mr. Cat: Hi Lisen, do you want to dance?
Renilde de peute: Thank you so so much. i like your blog too!
Hanna: the sun is shining in my eyes right now!
Louise: I am! after four terrible days im actually feeling well :) sometimes when you are sick you doubt if you are ever gonna feel normal :)
BB: I think maybe the sticker cat is a better person than the video cat -but the video cat has more potential!
Alice: Yeah, i did not want to post a new post, because i like that first photo so much i wanted to keep it on top!


triumph of a heart

The sun is coming back but so far its still cold. i need not to feel sick all the time, because i frankly don't have the time for it. The sticker reminded me of this video. We have it on dvd and i really love it. the song, the story and the fact that it reminds me of where we used to live in reykjavik.

Kristina: You think that will keep him from ripping its eyes out :)
Lisen: Luckily rufus does not seem to love noise-making toys more than others so we usually keep those away from him. We have one ball for hiding treats in and it makes a sound, but i don't think he really cares about or even notice the sound :)
Epe: Yes, its a weird way of showing his love for his elephant!
E: Luckily he does not seem to eat eyes and other parts like that -maybe a little filling now and again.
Lea: Ja, jeg havde faktisk først ikke set rufus, da jeg tog billedet.
Laura: Yeah, rufus is rather good at not destroying his toys all at once. our old dog (a beagle) would destroy his toys in no time!
Maria: way to proud..
BB: It is! the elephant is quite big for him, but he loves carrying it around.


elephant oh-no

I have been thinking that maybe it could be a problem if it really is a little elephant in my belly. look how rufus treats his pet-elephant!!

Hanna: It was -im feeling better to day. not good - but better
§: Jubiii
Maria: Yeah there is definitely ups and downs -suddenly you appreciate when you can eat what you want without feeling sick and the days where you can stay up past 19.
Lisen: Both D and R have been good sports and joined me for some home-sick-time.


w e e k e n d

hope your weekend is happier than mine -im in bed feeling crappy.. ..but im watching the whole first season of Deadwood and that helps :) The picture is from here.

Lina: oh bad timing! hope you found something good to eat!
Stefanie: i sort of wish i kept the print my self....
Louise: Thank you, thank you and thank you!
Famapa: i still can't believe the timing. i mean it seems like we are only a week or two apart! -and so funny you should mention your back! i just talked to my midwife for advise on how to deal with my back hurting at night -swimming in a hot-water-pool she said. This weekend has been a bit to nauseous so far...
Sarah: you think?? im not sure i see it..
Ida: Thanks
la_sale_bete: it was..
Elisabeth: you are very welcome!
Gamze: Im glad you think so! thats why i posted it :) it was very very delicious. almost perfect!
Tant Grön: Tusind tak for de søde kommentare
Smokey: oh, i did not know they come in strawberry too! how exciting!


sandra + sandwich

I never showed you the other Sandra Juto print i bought. This one i gave as a birthday present to one of my best friends. I think she really liked it! + nothing beats a good sandwich, you know? tomorrow is a national holiday in denmark, but im just gonna keep on studying and working on my bachelor thesis.

Niller: now that you remind me i do remember hearing of it! but this site is prettier ...
Emma: I bought the shoes in Weekday (as i wrote in the post :) ) -the copenhagen store- but im sure they have them in sweden
Violette von Rosenweiß: aw thank you so much!
BB: im way to attached to my things -maybe i should learn a little from her example
Kaela: yeah i never knew how hard it was to find names for a boy. -and what a funny story about your friend. I would not be able to hold the little thing and not find something to call him/her!
Cecilie: velbekomme :)
Rynke: i would totally send you so sorbet, but it would eat it before i got to the postoffice!
Lina: your welcome
May: Thank you -both about the shoes and the baby news
Gracia: Im glad to lead you there
Gamze: Thank you so much! it really is super duper!
Jenny: Then you are lucky that they are swedish.


goodbye wafflemaker

I found this fantastic site through the cool, danish blog bumbumbum. Megan is moving from Detroit to Alabama and don't want to bring all her stuff. so she is selling it! all of it! at the you can browse through all of her belongings and feel very inspired by all the little things that make up our lives. (+ i love the name of the site!)

Emma: I like that: Killer Awsome! -then go get them!
Cecilie: så er det ikke mig der er skør!
Julia, Mieke + Willems, Epe, Roberta Jane, Pigeon Toed: And they were cheap too! i only think you can get them in Sweden or Denmark, but you should stop by Weekday! its a great store.
Lisen: I have been eating at least one orange every day for the past two months or so. I can't wait to get the good local strawberries, so i buy the only sort of good imported ones. mmmm... summer strawberries with cream. thats the best!