We had some family over saturday. I made pizza and the scull-cave finally got some more visitors -rufus has been the only one using it lately :) hope you all had a nice weekend!

Everybody: I know, I know, you are all right. Its really a good thing that i don't feel like eating sweets and it is actually nice not to get sugar cravings, but still -its a little sad, cos cake is such a fun thing to eat!
Abeo: Oh i know it can be a bitch that the pictures are so big, but they are so much better in big! i do adjust the resolution to make them load quicker but i don't wanna compromise with the quality. Maybe it will help to read the blog through a rss-reader? then it won't have to load all the site elements. Hope you will keep reading :)
Ai: that is so crazy!! what a weird video!
Lisen: now i feel lucky -i can't imagin craving dirt -how would you know that that was what you wanted to eat??


Anonymous said...

Nååååh. ALva og Rufus er et yndigt par. Hvor er hun vlevet stor. Knus Mutti

mieke willems said...

is that jens lekman? saw him once in antwerp. love that song pocketfull of money!

Maria said...

ooh what a sweet picture:)) I had a nice weekend, looks like you had too!

epe said...

haha, yesterday i uploaded a jens lekman video because he will play a show on buenos aires in june. i really his music!

"Infing" said...

Hi hi...vovven i hyddan! :-)

.girl ferment. said...

oh and you were playing jens lekman, i love that album