the first day of may

i work in the centre of copenhagen close to a big, popular park called kongens have (the kings garden). While i was working and looking out the window on the beautiful weather i knew i had to go lie in the grass. So i emailed D to see if he could get off work the same time as me and join me. We bought sandwiches (really good ones actually -i should have photographed the filling more) and coffee and went to the park like everybody else (it wasn't too crowded though -we got the shade of this tree all to our selves). p e r f e c t ! Then we walked home and bought that delicious paradis ice cream on our way. We have a pact that every time we walk by, we have to check if they have raspberry sorbet -and we will always have to get some when the do. Today was our lucky day! two scoops of raspberry sorbet and one strawberry sorbet. I love how spring is all about pictures of beautiful flowers and trees in bloom. its cheesy but it can't be helped. On a final note im down to 705 blog-subscriptions.. im not sure what my goal should be..

.girl ferment.: thank you! i hope we will be a colorful family!
Ninja Hanna: thank you! actually the sound of hippos are incredible! we had been waiting by the hippo-tank for ever and the all of a sudden we heard that sound.
Sandra: 60?? thats so few! im envious! and yes! i know i won't miss that ones i cut, but its so hard to deside what not to be updated on anymore..
Cecilie: livet er helt sikkert for kort til dårlige blogs. Tror måske jeg føler mig lidt ond hvis jeg cutter en blog...
Marie-Eve: I know! i can't wait to see him/her either! we have had a scan where we got some sense of who the little one is. and just that little insight was amazing!
Kiwitz: i like being online too and i am most of the day -but still i have no way of reading all those blogs.. its so easy to constantly feel like you are behind!
Hanna-happenings: so cool to hear from you and i really hope you will come back! looking forward to checking out your blog (maybe everytime i subscribe to something new i should cut an old blog..)
Brita: Thank you so much!
Maikki: thank you thank you! we are very happy!
Sopchan: thank you for you sweet comment AND the tears! wow. i know how those crying-hormons feel (though maybe i was always like this...)
Anne: Thank you so much! im not sure how pleased Rufus is with the perspective. he hates loosing attention.
Gracia: Thank you so much! im looking forward to sharing! -and why is it so hard to just unsubscribe -i almost feel mean!!
Myszy: i would actually say the my google system is quite organised too, but no matter how many folders i make -it does not make the number of posts any easier to keep up with :)


PROVINS said...

Hvor i hygger..!
Foråret og forårssolen er jo heller ikke lavet til andet end at ha det dejligt i : )

Kaela said...

Raspberry sorbet is the best. :) And hearing about couples who hang out together a lot really make my day! I've been in a bit of a pessimistic mood about relationships, and it is very reassuring to read about one that seems like a lot of fun. It will happen eventually!!!

p.s.-- all the flowering trees are blooming here in NYC too. It makes the streets SO BEAUTIFUL and magic!

kim said...

you two are so sweet, what a lovely pact! tasty, too!

Rynke said...

Oooooh...that sorbet...please send some of it to Amsterdam! :)

Tant Grön said...

Vilken fantastisk bild! Den sista på trädet, enormt.