one + one =

I hope you have had a wonderful weekend. i did. how cute are the two in this picture? tomorrow and the next week will be a whole lotta work! only 10 days till my thesis is due.


Kristina said...

100% cuteness! :-)
good luck on finishing your thesis! what is it about, by the way?

STEFANIE said...

Really? FFFOUND works for you? How is this possible, it still isn't working for me :( when I visit their site, instead of being on fffound I'm on some kind of network solutions site? hmm! maybe it'll be back to normal tomorrow ^-^
Oh and cute picture btw! =)

Katrine Ny said...

Sleeping or fighting?
Held og lykke med det sidste! Der er lys forude! ;)

asphaltandair said...

oh my!
i am sending all of me thesis-completing-faeries over to you!
wishing you an amazing finish!
i love home stretches. it means that something old is on its way to being complete. than there is room for something new.

lisen said...

lookin' sweet!

Maike Hemmers said...

thats a really nice picture. kind of intimate. nobody could shot the picture like you did :)
i wish you a nice week and that you can make a lot of work!

Fine Little Day said...

And I like the poster in the background

lina said...

CUTE photo!! good luck with your thesis mette!!