triumph of a heart

The sun is coming back but so far its still cold. i need not to feel sick all the time, because i frankly don't have the time for it. The sticker reminded me of this video. We have it on dvd and i really love it. the song, the story and the fact that it reminds me of where we used to live in reykjavik.

Kristina: You think that will keep him from ripping its eyes out :)
Lisen: Luckily rufus does not seem to love noise-making toys more than others so we usually keep those away from him. We have one ball for hiding treats in and it makes a sound, but i don't think he really cares about or even notice the sound :)
Epe: Yes, its a weird way of showing his love for his elephant!
E: Luckily he does not seem to eat eyes and other parts like that -maybe a little filling now and again.
Lea: Ja, jeg havde faktisk først ikke set rufus, da jeg tog billedet.
Laura: Yeah, rufus is rather good at not destroying his toys all at once. our old dog (a beagle) would destroy his toys in no time!
Maria: way to proud..
BB: It is! the elephant is quite big for him, but he loves carrying it around.


Katrine Ny said...

I used to be a huge Björk fan (back in high school), but I've never seen this one before. When she released "Médula" I kinda had enough of her, unfortunately. Maybe I should give her a second chance again, 'cuz this one is great! I love that cat! So funny!

STEFANIE said...

Ooh you used to live in Iceland ^-^?
How fun! I like the video =)

lina said...

pretty flowers! they remind me of tissue paper.

the cat sticker reminds me of this:

...i don't know how to make it a link...:]

e said...

a really nice cat sticker. and the flowers!

lisen said...

Hi cat, like you!

renilde de peuter said...

what a nice blog!

Hanna Åberg said...

I just wished for some sun and warmth for you. hope it works!

louise said...

Hope you're feeling much better. The sticker made me smile.

Bombay Beauty said...

But wait! There's a big difference between a cat wearing a jacket and tie, and one lying around the house wearing a "wife beater" t-shirt! BB

Bombay Beauty said...

Update -- just saw the end of the video... Still though, the one in the photo is much better tailored. Really, it makes all the difference....! BB

Alice said...

oh !! what a beautiful first picture !!