tomorrow it's monday again and even though i have actually been to work to day, sunday always marks the end of the weekend and monday will always be the begin of a new week, you know? i've gotta get up at 5.40 and since i need a crazy amount of sleep that means going to bed crazy early. luckily i like going to bed :) ps. the first pic is what my breakfast looks like at the moment: oatmeal with fruit (i had to skip both the oatmeal-porridge and pancakes when i got pregnant) and the second pic is what a good weekend looks like: lots of rufus and sleeping in.

Provins: Nej, man føler sig næsten skyldig, hvis man ikke udnytter det -lige nu regner det f.eks. Det er næsten helt hyggeligt. lissom den anden aften hvor det tordnede. man kan blive helt nostalgisk
Kaela: Thank you so much! i like that babies makes the world sweeter! and don't be cynical about love. it w i l l happen -but one of the tricks is also to let it happen and believe in it and take chances... not to be too cheesy :)


Kristina said...

:-( sorry you have to get up so early! rufus looks so soft, I'm sending him a virtual hug :-)

STEFANIE said...

Your breakfast looks YUM!
Rufus likes being photographed, isn't it? ^-^

Roberta Jane said...

My brother and sister-in-law also have an IG that looks so much like Rufus in the picture (her name is Twiggy)... it's crazy how much these breeds look like the small/big versions of each other. Wouldn't it be cute to have a greyhound, whippet and an IG - cutest family ever!

Lisen said...

I know that sunday-feeling.
Especially when you have to get up so early on I got up 05.05 today cause we have to go by car with Gustav nowadays (Stina cant go by bus now. I think she dislike it beacause she must keep the balance = it hurts in her back) :(( BUT - when we got into town to my studio 05.50, Gustav had changed his mind and said: Hm, I dont think I'll work today cause my leg hurts. Ah!!?
haha.. But hey, I've worked a lot today! :)

Bombay Beauty said...

But wait - what's that mixed in with your oatmeal and banana -- looks like onions! BB

Kiwitz said...


Maria said...

Yes I know. I often work on Sundays too and it still feels like the end of the week.
Nowadays I usually get up at 7.30 which is early for me. But it feels good and I have time to eat my breakfast in "lugn och ro"! ..and it's easier now when it's not dark.

I should try oatmeal with fruit, it looks good!

Kaela said...

Babies make the world so much sweeter!

And thanks for your positive words about relationships, too. They were not cheesy at all. I just have to be a bit braver, I think. And patient. :)

Have you thought about baby names yet? (I know in Iceland at least a baby's name is a big secret until it is a couple of weeks old/christened-- maybe in Denmark too? So I understand if you aren't talking about it yet!)