new shoes

my new favourite spring-shoes from weekday - not good for a rainy day like today, but perfect for a sunny one just a few days ago! and my morning orange. i eat a lot of oranges. i don't think its a pregnancy thing - i just think they are so good this time of year.

Kristina: Thank you for the hug, rufus says.
Stefanie: He does like it i think! he often comes running when i turn on the camera!
Roberta Jane: We so want one of each!! we really want a greyhound at some point and it would look so funny with the same dog in three sizes!!
Lisen: oh that sounds so mean: both getting up sooo early and then Gustav just going back to bed!! I can totally see how the bus would hurt stinas back! i hate standing in the bus! it hurts my back!
BB: no silly its apples!
Kiwitz: i actually find it sort of plain by now. have to mix it up -find some different fruits!
Kim: It might be one of the most tasty pacts in the world!
Neftos: Thank you so so much!
Maria: Its much easier when its not dark! 7.30 used to be really early for me too! its all about habbits and most importantly how early you go to bed! it just dawned on D that the reason he has always hated jobs that started early is that he would never go to bed early. i have to.
Kaela: Babynames are a very interesting subject! we are actually a little secretive about it. we have some ideas and we don't want to share them too early. we don't know if its a boy or a girl so that keeps us from totally deciding and i don't think we will reveal the final choices untill the baby is born. But as soon as the baby is born it needs a name quickly! you can't just keep calling it baby till you make up your mind :) We would love babyname inspiration! especially for boys!
Emma: Hi hi you are right!
Hanna: At first i found it scary too, but in the mood i was in last night, i wanted a dark, heavy blanket over me :)


em said...

WOHO! Killer awesome dude!!!!!!! I want'em tooo!

Júlía. said...

Love love love the shoes! :)

mieke willems said...

very nice shoes!

Lisen said...

Love those shoes Mette!!
And oranges...I wish I ate more of them. Looking forward to strawberries and peaches!

epe said...

great shoes mette! :)

Roberta Jane said...

I need those shoes!

pigeon.toed said...

those are adorable!

Rynke said...

Greaaaat shoes!!!

may said...

oh i love the shoes!!
(and congrats on the baby too :-) )

Jenny at Dos said...

I love the shoes.

louise said...

Love the new shoes. Oh and that photo of Rufus from a few days ago is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

They're lovely!

Maria said...

lovely shoes!!