r i p sofa

its a day of sorrow and a day of moving on. today two young fellows came and picked up the worlds longest and brownest sofa. We sold it because the living room was getting too crowded with the scull-cave and every thing and i wanted a sofa you could take a nap on :) But i did really love our long brown sofa and im gonna miss it. hope she gets a good home. i think people will be drinking alot of beer in her and i think she would like that!

Hanna: Oh i was so close to doing that when i read you comment, but..
Gracia: ...i didn't because we where having a friend over for home made burgers later and i wanted my appetite for that :)
Lea: Ja Remas har en total dårlig tendens til aldrig at blive modne! virkelig strengt!
E: i hate that avocados are not cheaper! then i would eat five a day!
Cecilie: he he - men det er sundt mundvand!
Roberta Jane: Oh what a cool thing to have an avocado-owning father!! i wish i could grow my own in my windowsill
when skies are grey: I did the exact thing today :9
Maria: That is a tuna-salad with lots of garlic, lemon, sour cream and cucumber! yummy!
Tommy: Yeah i think its a very good craving to have! one of the best things you can do for your baby -maybe the baby will come out in a nice avocado-green shade :)


sandra said...

bye bye sofa, i love the first pic with a crazy rufus!

Hanna Åberg said...

oh no :( i want a sofa just like that one. bye!

Maria said...

what a pity! it's indeed a nice looking sofa but I understand you about the nap-thing:) hope you find a great new one!

too bad I don't eat tuna, if I did I'm sure I would love that salad! I think I'm going to make it for Rasmus though..:)

lovely, funny Rufus!!

emma said...

so nice of u to 1) think about the sofa as a person, and 2) actually sell it to someone who hopefully will treat it well.

and hey, the photos makes me say: HAHAHAHA!

nice sofa-mem'ries you've got there.

Kristina said...

hope your sofa gets a good home :-) love the top photo!

Leen said...

Oh no! I showed it only 2 days ago to Robin, as an example of the sofa i want when our new living room will be ready.
Curious to see what you'll replace it with :-)

Rynke said...

So long, sofa! Nice you have this funny pictures still :) :)

Bombay Beauty said...

A five seater! That will be missed... BB

lisen said...

hihihi, seems like rufus will miss it too. love the photos. :)

STEFANIE said...

Ooh:( I'm sure the next owner will love it as much as you did!
PS: I gave you an award on my blog! YAAY =) You really do have a nice blog, and acutally I hadn't added you to my blog list yet, but I'm doing it right now!

PPS: have you seen it already, FFFOUND.COM is GONE!!! So sad, it just disappeared :(!

"Infing" said...

HA HA...mad dog!

Krutrut-Lisa said...

Great pictures! I just love your eye for the kodakmoment!

/Lisa & the big red

debi van zyl said...

i cannot get over these pics! i love your dog and i don't even know him! the energy is crazy... so cute.