sandra + sandwich

I never showed you the other Sandra Juto print i bought. This one i gave as a birthday present to one of my best friends. I think she really liked it! + nothing beats a good sandwich, you know? tomorrow is a national holiday in denmark, but im just gonna keep on studying and working on my bachelor thesis.

Niller: now that you remind me i do remember hearing of it! but this site is prettier ...
Emma: I bought the shoes in Weekday (as i wrote in the post :) ) -the copenhagen store- but im sure they have them in sweden
Violette von Rosenweiß: aw thank you so much!
BB: im way to attached to my things -maybe i should learn a little from her example
Kaela: yeah i never knew how hard it was to find names for a boy. -and what a funny story about your friend. I would not be able to hold the little thing and not find something to call him/her!
Cecilie: velbekomme :)
Rynke: i would totally send you so sorbet, but it would eat it before i got to the postoffice!
Lina: your welcome
May: Thank you -both about the shoes and the baby news
Gracia: Im glad to lead you there
Gamze: Thank you so much! it really is super duper!
Jenny: Then you are lucky that they are swedish.


lina said...

ok, so i am really hungry right now & that to-die-for sandwich isn't making life any easier :o)

STEFANIE said...

Ooh what a nice print! I love it!
And I agree with Lina on the sandwich =) hehe

famapa said...

now that's a good looking sandwich! thanks for your comment yesterday, when you shared your good news last week I thought "I'm with ya sista!"... I too can't wait for the fatigue and nausea to pass, it's getting better, but its not all together gone yet. and to top it all off I've now got a really sore back, I think I've been sitting and lying down too much, i'm sooo laaazy! hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Sarah Carlson said...

At first glance I thought it was a sketch of your husband! - it kind of looks like him, I think...

la_sale_bete said...

that sandwich looks SO good!

Anonymous said...

I want this sandwich photo on my wall as a poster iiiiiiii waaaaant it :)) it is very inspiring , yes an inspiring sandwich ! I am serious. :)

Tant Grön said...

Åh, det där såg riktigt smaskens ut :-)

Anonymous said...

S H E L O V E S I T !!!!!!!!

Rynke said...

Ooh, this is so nice! I love the print from Sandra and all the pictures around it!

And that sandwich...please send it together with the sorbet ;)