So about those eating habits. Actually i haven't really experienced that many weird or funny cravings, but i all of a sudden have a big problem with sweets! of all things. I used to love every thing sweet - candy, chocolate, cake -what ever- but since the beginning of my pregnancy i have not been able to eat anything sweet! its getting better though. i can handle some chocolate here and there and some cake too -if its not too sweet, but just like pancakes, hindbærsnitter are out of the question! D has made some on several occasions, but i just can not bring my self to eat them! so sad. My sister was the opposite. never ate desert her whole life and all of a sudden she liked cake.

Emma: ha ha - when i was a kid we always though nuetella was so german :) but yeah, its some of the sweets i can handle now.
Hanna: Hope you found some strawberries! i have to get some more... And wow -that picture is so... freaky!
Lisen: Yeah, it was really delicious -but some mornings all i can eat is knækbrød with nothing on it!
Maike: it is totally wierd when your body and taste all of a sudden changes! nuetella is a new thing -i could not eat that in the beginning!
Ai: Thank you so much. i hope so too :) - and yeah i want one too! for me and my mother :)
▶ Saga: thank you -i hope just some of my appetite for sweets return soon!
Kiwitz: Yeah its pretty cool!
Epe: is wish i had time for that kind of breakfast everyday
Mads: wow tusind tak! jeres blog ser ret fin ud!
Louise: yes that cup sweetens up everything!
Lynn and Horst: oh i can just imagine a mens version... .... ....
▶ la_sale_bete + Gracia: i know they have the best look on their faces!
Maria: here you go -a little more preggo-info
▶ Young: Cool!
Misako mimoko: your welcome -and im looking forward to checking out your blog! i love the layout!
Cecilie: jeg kan se hvad du mener :)
sopchan: you never need an excuse to eat something so delicious!


Lynn and Horst said...

oh my, no i feel the lust

Hanna Åberg said...

well, it's a good thing for your baby if you don't want sweets. the blood sugar you know :)

young said...

Av av av, jeg elsker både pandekager og hindbærsnitter! Mand, jeg kunne faktisk godt spise nogle hindbærsnitter nu... det er ved at være alt for lang tid siden jeg har fået nogen! Men ja, søde sager er nok ikke det værste man kunne have ikke-lyst til! :)

Abeo said...

oh gosh i love to come to your blog but the pictures load really slow for me, it drive me nuts. urgh.

mieke willems said...

that's not a bad thing! ;) but can't imagine how that must feel! take advantage of it now it's there!

Rynke said...

They look awesome! Hope you can enjoy them sometime again! :)

Lisen said...

So weird..hihi.. Can understand it must feel a bit sad and boring..hehe

I heard of a woman who wanted to eat dust when she was pregnant. And another one who had cravings for sand(?!).

You may be lucky? ;)

Maria said...

I'm sure you'll be able to eat them soon again:) I have also heard stories of pregnant women who had really gross cravings like raw meat, ugh! that can't be too good for the baby..