w e e k e n d

hope your weekend is happier than mine -im in bed feeling crappy.. ..but im watching the whole first season of Deadwood and that helps :) The picture is from here.

Lina: oh bad timing! hope you found something good to eat!
Stefanie: i sort of wish i kept the print my self....
Louise: Thank you, thank you and thank you!
Famapa: i still can't believe the timing. i mean it seems like we are only a week or two apart! -and so funny you should mention your back! i just talked to my midwife for advise on how to deal with my back hurting at night -swimming in a hot-water-pool she said. This weekend has been a bit to nauseous so far...
Sarah: you think?? im not sure i see it..
Ida: Thanks
la_sale_bete: it was..
Elisabeth: you are very welcome!
Gamze: Im glad you think so! thats why i posted it :) it was very very delicious. almost perfect!
Tant Grön: Tusind tak for de søde kommentare
Smokey: oh, i did not know they come in strawberry too! how exciting!


Hanna Åberg said...

ouch... well, there's nothing else to do than wait :) deadwood sounds like a good cure

Maria said...

hope you feel better soon! I guess you'll soon get used to the ups and downs..if you didn't already! :) have a nice sunday mette!

Lisen said...

oh no, get well soon!! Hope that Rufus join you! this picture is cool!