One of the patchwork things i will make is a down-blanket with the triangles on the one side and this fantastic piece of marimekko fabric on the other! Marimekko fabric is too expensive for me, but this was half price and i think it is just perfect, don't you? Im thinking the blanket will be good for a baby to lie on... Im trying my best to enjoy my alone time, but boy this apartment can get quiet! the funny thing is, that it would usually be me doing the talking anyway, but Rufus is as fun to talk to as D...

Maria: I did drink some of it, but because it was from draining cucumber i had added salt to make them drain faster.. it was a little too salty!
Emma: I don't think triangles are difficult -the trick is just to be okay with being sloppy! i know i will never be as precise as one should be when doing patchwork and im okay with that! for me the overall look is more important than the detail :)
Kristina: Im really happy with the apples too! i mostly just bought scraps in different colours and found all the fabric i had lying around, but the apples, and a few more, i went to a cute little store and got
Lina: Thank you! it takes for ever! i have been doing alot of sewing and nothing is finished yet.
Louise: He has got many talents! -and i love polarbears too! wish i had a collection!
chrrristine: I can't wait until something is finished!
Lisen: Thank you! maybe i should just have the triangles lying around :)


patch patch

Im doing triangle patchwork! its a lot of work but i think it will be oh so pretty when its done :) Im eating strawberries and white chocolate and drinking coffee too -actually i really should be ice coffee in this heat, but i always forget to freeze icecubes and my blender just broke.

Emma: Yeah im lucky rufus decided to stay home. at first he really wanted to go, but then he realised that he really does not like music
Lisen: I hate being at concerts where you have to stand really weirdly to see because you are too short. and yeah -i guess i will never be all alone anymore :)
Lina: I can't wait for some of it to be finished so i can show you!
Epe: I all ready am. actually i think i will make a whole bunch of juice tomorrow.. i wonder what to put in..
BB: i won't force you to ever drink it -but water with cucumber slices can be nice
Provins: Ja, det er faktisk virkelig godt med lidt alene tid nu og da -jeg synes bare det er super mærkeligt ikke at have nogen at snakke med! -og hvis du bliver misundelig på roskilde så bare tænk på det at vågne med tømmermænd i et totalt overophedet telt uden luft!
Steph: You are so right, this probably will be the last time i have some serious time alone! maybe i should think of a way to get D to stay away one more week....



today D left for Roskilde Festival and Rufus and I will be lonesome for a week. its been years and years since we last went to the festival and we both agree it has become way way way too expensive, but this year D won two tickets for the festival! i really did consider going, but came to the conclusion that in my current state it would not be much fun sleeping in a tent, eating crappy food, staying up late, having to share disgusting toilets and being the only one sober on the whole festival, so D sold the other ticket and went with some of his old friends. I will spend my lonesome time sewing a lot of stuff without annoying D with the sound of the sewing machine and not feeling bad about going to bed around 21.00. (p.s. the green juice is drained cucumber water from when i made tzatziki. not the most tasty drink but wow what a colour!)

mieke willems: i can't wait for that day! i will totally do that when i get a very normal and square fulltime job someday!
Lisen: I also got a really cool photo of him actually looking angry! it almost never happen. i should post it!
Emma: Yeah it is so cool that the baby will have Ivan as a cousin and they will only be one year apart!
Sweet fine day: a week at the beach sounds great - even for me, a very non-beach person :)
B: Ja, vi ses jo lige om lidt!


red fields

a couple of memories from my mini-vacation last week. it sucks that i can't take more time off from work! i want to be rich enough to take 4 weeks off to do n o t h i n g! for now the weekend will have to do. we are cleaning out our little room in the attic. hope i will feel really good afterwards!

E: rufus said: yes! a little too hot! but i don't have arms and hands so i couldn't remove it! + if i moved maybe the good sunspot would disappear!
BB: This was with banana and milk as well -i think i just used a whole lotta blueberries!
Famapa: So funny that HE wakes up like that! i don''t think my little baby quite have a scheduale! there don't seem to be any rhythm to it :) except that he/she wakes up as soon as i go to bed :) its a fantastic feeling!
Brit: i was so surprised how he got all the way under the chair!
Lisen: Rufus is a good kicker too!
Mieke Willems: our whole apartment is full of doghair :) luckily the woolen blanket has so much white wool in it that you can't see rufus small hairs!
Rynke: Thank you! i drink much less coffee now that im pregnant so i will have to make each and every cup a good one!
Kristina: When the sun hits our bedroom i don't see rufus for hours except when it gets too hot and he comes into our cool living room panthing like crazy :)
Maria: Smoothies are just too perfect for summer!
Ai: You are so right: Rufus is a cat inside a dog! actually whippets are known for their catlike behaviour!


blueberries and sun

mmm blueberry-smoothie and coffee! today is so hot it should have been ice coffee! rufus loves the sun and will go to great lengths to find a spot in the sun. How he got the blanket down from the chair and on top of him I have no idea! hope you have summer too!

Emma + Epe: it is all so good -the baby kicking is amazing and i so wonder what he/she is doing!



ahhhh... so nice having a little time off! i spend it with family, mostly in my parents summer house which means nothing but beautiful views, swedish crime-novels, good food and good company. its good to be back home too! i always, always long for my home when i have been gone for just one day. and i have a lot of summer-projects that i really look forward to. I do have to go to work, but it still feels somewhat like freedom :) (btw the baby is kicking like crazy now -not hard, just alot)

Kiwitz: its a sunset :) and its one of my favourite places in the world to watch the sun set
Alice: Berlin is such a fantastic city and i always feel so at home when i go! I am sort of boring when i go and don't do alot of new stuff -i like just visiting my favourite areas and hanging out. This time we will be staying in friedrichshain which is an area of berlin i really love.
Asphalt and air: oh its sounds like such a good summer.. berries and home-made ice cream -can i stop by??
Lisen: that sounds like some very good summerplans -i wish we could spend more time in the city where i grew up cus there are so many nice lakes and rufus has never gone swimming!! happy happy summer lisen!
Louise: Winter plans are very welcome -i will never be able to fully wrap my head around the seasonal differences -to have winter in june?? weird... :) good plans though! painting all day sounds so good!
Maria: Good plans! you are so right about the long breakfasts and dinners! i love that! and stretching the meal is perfect when you are pregnant too! actually i think the concept of brunch was invented by somebody pregnant :)
crazedunicorn: So good to hear from you and thank you so much for the kind words! happy happy summer to you!
Abeo: Oh thats so good about the loading! i hate wating for the internet :) happy summer!
Sofie: haha -im scared of visiting my own blog too sometimes -especially when we don't have any exciting food in the house :)



Brinja tagged me to name 5 things i look forward to this summer, and today is a perfect day for this tag since i will be taking a little summer break from tomorrow and the rest of the week. Here is what i look forward to: 1. Reading books! My favourite kind of vacation is some place beautiful with a good book. 2. Going to Berlin! i love that city and can't wait for another visit. 3. Preparing for the baby! i have alot of little baby-related summer projects that i can't wait to do. 4. hanging out with D and the dog without feeling guilty about not getting something done! my new life philosophy is always focusing 100% on what you are doing instead of thinking of what you should be doing. 5. Summer food and summer people -good friends and fruit, ice cream, barbecue, ice coffee. What do you look forward to this summer?? please tell me in the comments! that would make for some delicious reading! (pictures from last summer... such a perfect summer that was!)

Brit: yeah i love the smile they will bring on you face when you turn them around
May: im sorry to hear, it sucks when you can't get to do what you wanted to! but luckily there will always be other things to do! there is never only one good choice i think!
Sopchan: the pills will remind me :)
Lea: tak! de ved ikke hvad de går glip af.... :)
Hello Sandwich: thank you so much! im so so glad you like it! your blog reminded me that i have to do more colourful stuff!
Gracia: Thank you -its sometimes hard to keep the focus on good things, but its doable!
Ai: I have never been to barcelona! but i really really want to and have been planing to for years!
Rynke: They just opened a Monki shop in Copenhagen, but i still like to go to the ones in Malmö -cus its much cheaper :)
Emma: I know, at some point the positive feeling will have taken over and there won't come these little moments when i get mad or sad :) i was sad the day i found out and now im just trying to focus on how to do something even better!
Epe: no no -happy pills -i think you need some other pills to be funny :9)
Maria: Tak. Every city should have a monki shop -its so cool and affordable and i really hate overpriced things -i mean i hate when i fall in love with really overpriced things!


happy pills

one of my friends recently brought me back these delicious happy pills from Barcelona -who knew they would come in handy all ready: i just got some bad news about a school-program i wanted to get in to this fall and now im in that phase of desperately trying to turn it into a good thing -or at least not a really really bad thing... i actually did get a boost of some sort of make-your-own-way-energy from the rejection and now im really trying to hold on to that feeling..

Lina: i almost think it looks like rufus is laughing in the last picture :)
Lisen: I can't wait to have some more time off!
Hello Sandwich: I will ask her :) -i love your blog by the way! the most amazing colours! can't wait to follow
Emma: I like judging personalities from the kind of candy they choose!
Freja: Ja de er! jeg skal helt sikkert tage nogle billeder af dem i brug -hvis bare solen vil skinne lidt mere!
Anonymous: thank you for the tip!


happy weekend

just a little rufus+ivan before the weekend. hope you all have good plans! for once i don't have to work, which im gonna thoroughly enjoy!

Roberta Jane: Sandwiches are some of my favourite food in the world! -and the shoes! the pictures don't do the justice -unfortunately its raining like crazy right now so i can't wear them!
Lina: What a good idea! we have lösgodis in denmark too -or bland-selv slik as its called- but its so so so so much cheaper in sweden :)
Emma Adbåge: Im always disappointed by the chocolate-choices when it comes to lösgödis -and you always end up buying alot of things that taste weird!
Lisen: Yes do that! i really tried! from the top, more a view of the whole table -all sorts of angles, but especially when it comes to sandwiches the low angle is so good!
Sweet fine day: Thank you so much -always so many delicious things on your blog!
Emma: thank you so much! the denim dress is really a hit! i will have to show a better picture soon, but you probably know it from monki?
Fine little day: big pictures makes good things better!



this weekend we went to malmö totally forgetting that it was the swedish national day. luckily not all stores had closed and luckily you could get away from the colourful stands selling -well strangely enough a lot of not very Swedish stuff! -i don't really like fairs and stands like that .. We ended up having a lovely time of course and eat a sandwich and a raspberry smoothie at sorl. I also bought some good stuff -pregnancy friendly :) -and of course the mandatory swedish lösgodis! (-i couldn't eat that much sugar, but i still love mixing colourful candy!) D pointed out that i always photograph food the same way -i tried to do some thing different, but it did not work, so now i decided it is just a style!

Maike: i love home-made chocolate mousse with espresso! i will have to make some soon!
Cecilie: Det er lige præcis den bager! johansen eller noget! altid så flotte kager, men... dyrt.. Kagen smagte dog fantastisk! så en gang i mellem..
Emma: I know! i often need a memory-erase button to delete all the delicious food you see online and can't have!
asphaltandair: Thank you -i only have that one plate like that. and its even a little cracked!
Kate: i used to too! then i couldn't eat sugar at all and now my taste for sugar is returning, but i can't eat as much as i used to, so i guess thats just about perfect -hope i will keep up the control!
Stefanie: I often think of what the baby think of what i eat -it must have loved this! otherwise its not my kid :)
Mothersvea: it was a real treat!
Lina: i will have to try and copy it some time!
Nidhi: good to hear from you -i think so too -coffee and cake need to be brought together!
Kindra: Thank you! it feels strange that my belly will keep getting bigger for months! i feel very comfertable with it as it is!
Krisitina: Thank you -i always forget to get D to take a propper photo of my belly so its ends up being some awkward position. maybe photobooth..
Ashley: Thank you so much -and yes! ivan seem to be so photogenic! always cute without overposing :)


black coffee

some of my sugar-tolerance is returning. the other day i stopped by a fancy baker in our neighbourhood where i have always thought the cakes to be way to expensive. but when i saw that they had made a cake just for me -i had to buy it! its called black coffee and consists of brownie + chocolate mousse + coffee mousse + something nougat + a liquid chocolate topping = wow.

everyone: thank you thank you thank you for all your sweet comments about the baby, my belly and the bedspread! im so happy with all of it!!


ce le bra ti on

the celebrations continued thursday! We celebrated my bachelor and the baby! cus thursday we had a scan to see if the baby was ok and growing as it should - and every thing was just as it should be! i even feel the little thing kicking! Earlier in the pregnancy -just before i told you all about the it- we went through a little patch of hell when our first scan showed some warning signs and we had to go through risky tests and a lot of awful waiting. Luckily the tests showed that the baby was not sick! But i was still quite nervous going to this scan having such a bad experience the first time. We kept asking: "So everything is okay???" and they kepts saying "YES". We celebrated with burgers at a cafe called Kalaset (and a glass of milk -i love that they serve that!) and later homemade blueberry-pancakes with fresh raspberries! AND i got the most amazing, overwhelming gift from D and his family: The amazing bedspread from Vik Prónjsdottír, i wrote about in january! it is a combined bachelor and wedding-anniversary-in-two-months-gift and im so thrilled! the most beautiful colours and the most fantastic wool.

Everyone: Thank you so much for all your congratulations! i have been looking so so so so so so much forward to getting this thesis done!!
Lisen: Tak fordi du laver så fine bøger, der gør en til et barn igen!
Kbo: Good luck with your paper!!
BB: One of them is for my adviser, one for the examinator and one for archive -i did not print one for my self...
Lisa: :) thank you! -rufus is very good at kodak-posses!
B: Det bliver fantastisk! tænk at du snart er helt helt færdig!!! held og lykke med det sidste!
阪戸美穂 Miho Sakato: Glad you like it!
優美(まさみ: YAY power to the women!!
§§: JA! vi skal ses lige præcis i næste uge! -skal du noget mandag? der kommer jeg til nørrebro efter arbejde!
luyi: He is the definition of cuteness!


thesis no more!

Yesterday i turned in my bachelor thesis in rhetoric -one day early- What a feeling! we celebrated with sushi + ice cream + strawberries and Sopranos on dvd (i was so tired :))
Now i have three months of no school! YAY!

Kiwitz: Yeah now i can finally buy children's books without making excuses!
Mieke and Willem: Kurt and Kio is amazing -don't you just want to get lost in the colours?
Epe: i just hope my kid will like my plans too :)
Ai: hi hi -he had his tong out all the time -he has just gotten his first tooth!



The postman brought me the best package this friday! three beautiful books by the fantastically talented Lisen Adbåge! I literally got chills when i opened Kurt & Kio! The illustrations and colours are so exuberant and magical! i can't wait for the little growing thing in my belly to be old enough to dive into these drawings and stories with me!

Tina: Ja, suk! ..er det helt rigtige ord!
Em: så så gullig :)
Famapa: I know! its so so crazy -hopefully ivan and rufus will join him/her in the cave :)
Fine Little day: sweet enough to hurt your teeth!
mieke willems: i know im not neutral in this, but i totally agree: he is so special!
Julie: :) hyggeligt at høre fra dig -fin blog du har!