ahhhh... so nice having a little time off! i spend it with family, mostly in my parents summer house which means nothing but beautiful views, swedish crime-novels, good food and good company. its good to be back home too! i always, always long for my home when i have been gone for just one day. and i have a lot of summer-projects that i really look forward to. I do have to go to work, but it still feels somewhat like freedom :) (btw the baby is kicking like crazy now -not hard, just alot)

Kiwitz: its a sunset :) and its one of my favourite places in the world to watch the sun set
Alice: Berlin is such a fantastic city and i always feel so at home when i go! I am sort of boring when i go and don't do alot of new stuff -i like just visiting my favourite areas and hanging out. This time we will be staying in friedrichshain which is an area of berlin i really love.
Asphalt and air: oh its sounds like such a good summer.. berries and home-made ice cream -can i stop by??
Lisen: that sounds like some very good summerplans -i wish we could spend more time in the city where i grew up cus there are so many nice lakes and rufus has never gone swimming!! happy happy summer lisen!
Louise: Winter plans are very welcome -i will never be able to fully wrap my head around the seasonal differences -to have winter in june?? weird... :) good plans though! painting all day sounds so good!
Maria: Good plans! you are so right about the long breakfasts and dinners! i love that! and stretching the meal is perfect when you are pregnant too! actually i think the concept of brunch was invented by somebody pregnant :)
crazedunicorn: So good to hear from you and thank you so much for the kind words! happy happy summer to you!
Abeo: Oh thats so good about the loading! i hate wating for the internet :) happy summer!
Sofie: haha -im scared of visiting my own blog too sometimes -especially when we don't have any exciting food in the house :)


epe said...

lucky you, sounds like a paradise: sun, good company, novels and good food! :)
ps. the baby kicking must be very crazy and lovely!

emma said...

this seems so damn fine! all of it. all of it! (especially the baby kicking..!) -its so good it kicks ass! ;-D

famapa said...

isn't it lovely feeling the little one wriggling around in there? I love how it takes about 15 mins or so after I've eaten and then, on cue, s/he wakes up all energized! love the pic of rufus in the blanket in the most recent post :0)