The postman brought me the best package this friday! three beautiful books by the fantastically talented Lisen Adbåge! I literally got chills when i opened Kurt & Kio! The illustrations and colours are so exuberant and magical! i can't wait for the little growing thing in my belly to be old enough to dive into these drawings and stories with me!

Tina: Ja, suk! det helt rigtige ord!
Em: så så gullig :)
Famapa: I know! its so so crazy -hopefully ivan and rufus will join him/her in the cave :)
Fine Little day: sweet enough to hurt your teeth!
mieke willems: i know im not neutral in this, but i totally agree: he is so special!
Julie: :) hyggeligt at høre fra dig -fin blog du har!


Kiwitz said...

wooow how coool :D
i´ll start collecting books for when ever i have a baby! haha

mieke willems said...

also received one(kurt and kio)! she's so good!! but 3 must be even better!!!!

epe said...

sounds like a great future plan! :)