happy pills

one of my friends recently brought me back these delicious happy pills from Barcelona -who knew they would come in handy all ready: i just got some bad news about a school-program i wanted to get in to this fall and now im in that phase of desperately trying to turn it into a good thing -or at least not a really really bad thing... i actually did get a boost of some sort of make-your-own-way-energy from the rejection and now im really trying to hold on to that feeling..

Lina: i almost think it looks like rufus is laughing in the last picture :)
Lisen: I can't wait to have some more time off!
Hello Sandwich: I will ask her :) -i love your blog by the way! the most amazing colours! can't wait to follow
Emma: I like judging personalities from the kind of candy they choose!
Freja: Ja de er! jeg skal helt sikkert tage nogle billeder af dem i brug -hvis bare solen vil skinne lidt mere!
Anonymous: thank you for the tip!


Brit said...

Happy pills! :D How funny!

may said...

i (unfortunately) know how you feel. :/ got some not-awesome news from school yesterday... i don't have happy pills though, but i have hello panda!

sopchan said...

the pills are good :)
hold, hold, hold onto that feeling!

lea said...

mette, det er jeg af at høre!! du var jo den oplagte kandidat - de ved ikke hvad de går glip af!!!

Hello Sandwich said...

Hello! I am so so so in love with your gorgeous blog! It's my absolute favourite ever!
Love Love
Hello Sandwich

gracia said...

I like the look of those happy pills... sugary and light and much needed... and I hope you are able to turn your bad news into the less-bad variety. Good luck with that...

Anonymous said...

oh, i hope you'll find something positive in it!
happy pills look darn good. another reason to love and adore barcelona.


Rynke said...

Hey, these pills are fun!
Everything will work out, I'm sure :)

emma said...

-Awh, hold ON tight to that feeling, and try to update it once in a while. And then, one day you have forgot 'bout what made you hold on so tight to the feeling. Hope that it will not take too long.
(Well, it's OK to feel sorry too, for a little while, but just a little, huh?)
Great pills, by the way!

epe said...

funny pills! :)

Maria said...

what a nice little can;) I'm so sorry about the bad news, I'm sure your chance is coming soon again!