happy weekend

just a little rufus+ivan before the weekend. hope you all have good plans! for once i don't have to work, which im gonna thoroughly enjoy!

Roberta Jane: Sandwiches are some of my favourite food in the world! -and the shoes! the pictures don't do the justice -unfortunately its raining like crazy right now so i can't wear them!
Lina: What a good idea! we have lösgodis in denmark too -or bland-selv slik as its called- but its so so so so much cheaper in sweden :)
Emma Adbåge: Im always disappointed by the chocolate-choices when it comes to lösgödis -and you always end up buying alot of things that taste weird!
Lisen: Yes do that! i really tried! from the top, more a view of the whole table -all sorts of angles, but especially when it comes to sandwiches the low angle is so good!
Sweet fine day: Thank you so much -always so many delicious things on your blog!
Emma: thank you so much! the denim dress is really a hit! i will have to show a better picture soon, but you probably know it from monki?
Fine little day: big pictures makes good things better!


lina said...

awwe. haha. rufus is like "what are you doing?" what cuties!

have a lovely weekend!

lisen said...

hihihihi, cute boys!

happy weekend, sounds good to be LEDIG! :D

emma said...

about the lösgodis: you are SO right. i just pick the ones that i know are fine....the good ol' ones. chocolate must be good chocolate.
these pics are great. two kool personalities.

Rynke said...

Cute pictures :) And the dog is so funny looking (in a good way!). I reaaaaly like your new clothes and shoes from your last post...I wish we had Monki here!