this weekend we went to malmö totally forgetting that it was the swedish national day. luckily not all stores had closed and luckily you could get away from the colourful stands selling -well strangely enough a lot of not very Swedish stuff! -i don't really like fairs and stands like that .. We ended up having a lovely time of course and eat a sandwich and a raspberry smoothie at sorl. I also bought some good stuff -pregnancy friendly :) -and of course the mandatory swedish lösgodis! (-i couldn't eat that much sugar, but i still love mixing colourful candy!) D pointed out that i always photograph food the same way -i tried to do some thing different, but it did not work, so now i decided it is just a style!

Maike: i love home-made chocolate mousse with espresso! i will have to make some soon!
Cecilie: Det er lige præcis den bager! johansen eller noget! altid så flotte kager, men... dyrt.. Kagen smagte dog fantastisk! så en gang i mellem..
Emma: I know! i often need a memory-erase button to delete all the delicious food you see online and can't have!
asphaltandair: Thank you -i only have that one plate like that. and its even a little cracked!
Kate: i used to too! then i couldn't eat sugar at all and now my taste for sugar is returning, but i can't eat as much as i used to, so i guess thats just about perfect -hope i will keep up the control!
Stefanie: I often think of what the baby think of what i eat -it must have loved this! otherwise its not my kid :)
Mothersvea: it was a real treat!
Lina: i will have to try and copy it some time!
Nidhi: good to hear from you -i think so too -coffee and cake need to be brought together!
Kindra: Thank you! it feels strange that my belly will keep getting bigger for months! i feel very comfertable with it as it is!
Krisitina: Thank you -i always forget to get D to take a propper photo of my belly so its ends up being some awkward position. maybe photobooth..
Ashley: Thank you so much -and yes! ivan seem to be so photogenic! always cute without overposing :)


Roberta Jane said...

Those shoes!!! Lucky girl!

You are always eating the most delicious looking sandwiches (so your food photography must be working)!!!

lina said...

looks like someone went shopping! good buys! it seems i like everything i see:]

i have to try som swedish lösgodis when i go to sweden. however "when" is unknown, but i will go! i want to go to the countries of my heritage:]

emma said...

haha ...about the food... - have it your way! :)
such long time ago i bought lösgodis! a reminder!
but i always fill the bag up with chocolate, chocolate and chocolate..

lisen said...

looks like you had a nice day!
haha, I wonder how many ways there are to photograph food...? I'll ask my friend who's a photo-assistant to an food/lifestylephotographer haha...there must be more than...2..or? I dont know how though. I like your photos, everything looks delicious!

sweet fine day said...

Love those food pics!

Emma said...

I like your syle. In all ways. Not just when it comes to the food.

Fine Little Day said...

You have really big pics here Mette. Everything looks so yummie.

Freja said...

Jeg er helt vilde med skoene. Er de ligeså fine i virkeligheden, som på billeder?

Hilsen Freja

Maria said...

mmm that sandwich looks goooood...!
and nice stuff from monki, I wish we had the shop here too!

sofie said...

mmm i'm scared of coming to your blog because i always get very hungry, but still, i come back every time haha:)
the shoes look great!