One of the patchwork things i will make is a down-blanket with the triangles on the one side and this fantastic piece of marimekko fabric on the other! Marimekko fabric is too expensive for me, but this was half price and i think it is just perfect, don't you? Im thinking the blanket will be good for a baby to lie on... Im trying my best to enjoy my alone time, but boy this apartment can get quiet! the funny thing is, that it would usually be me doing the talking anyway, but Rufus is as fun to talk to as D...

Maria: I did drink some of it, but because it was from draining cucumber i had added salt to make them drain faster.. it was a little too salty!
Emma: I don't think triangles are difficult -the trick is just to be okay with being sloppy! i know i will never be as precise as one should be when doing patchwork and im okay with that! for me the overall look is more important than the detail :)
Kristina: Im really happy with the apples too! i mostly just bought scraps in different colours and found all the fabric i had lying around, but the apples, and a few more, i went to a cute little store and got
Lina: Thank you! it takes for ever! i have been doing alot of sewing and nothing is finished yet.
Louise: He has got many talents! -and i love polarbears too! wish i had a collection!
chrrristine: I can't wait until something is finished!
Lisen: Thank you! maybe i should just have the triangles lying around :)


lina said...

this is fantastic! perfect for baby:]

Anna Caroline said...

Oh this will be gorgeous I am sure. I have been 'in the mood' to make one for myself too. I once did a patch blanket when I was younger but it's a little bit too small and its color combination is rather interesting.

Btw I thought to let you know that I have given you the 'One Lovely Blog' award. You have such an artistic, inspirational blog. I love it! and crave it :D

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All the besT!!!

emma said...

wuhw! NICE! good plan and thank U for the "sloppy-tip". :)
This Marimekko-pattern: I've got the cup. Lovley lovley happy trio! :D Perfect baby blanket hey! Show us the result...later on!

lea said...

uh det bliver fint!! god ide med en for og bagside. kan godt forestille mig at det føles lidt tomt. vi må drikke en kaffe i løbet af ugen, en lille pause i patchwork arbejdet : )

mieke willems said...

oh we both LOVE this print so much. favorite marimekko ever. we've got the towels from it! its great so big!!! a blanket will be perfect!

sopchan said...

I think your blanket will be awesome! Can't wait to see it!

sofie said...

what a fantastic piece of fabric! it should look great with the triangles :)
i agree that marimekko is way too expensive :( plus, you can only find the marimekko flowers here, i can only dream of stumbling on a piece of fabric like yours!

lisen said...

It will be lovley, Mette!
I've got this print on a pillow! Love this textile! Marimekko and other textile-prints (Joseph Frank etc) is a big inspiration, the tecnique there..like this, you know.. no lines.. So effectful and sharp.
But they're qutie expensive yes..
Lucky you who's talented with sewing, I really would like to sew more (and better) haha.

Kiwitz said...

.. i know the feeling :)