red fields

a couple of memories from my mini-vacation last week. it sucks that i can't take more time off from work! i want to be rich enough to take 4 weeks off to do n o t h i n g! for now the weekend will have to do. we are cleaning out our little room in the attic. hope i will feel really good afterwards!

E: rufus said: yes! a little too hot! but i don't have arms and hands so i couldn't remove it! + if i moved maybe the good sunspot would disappear!
BB: This was with banana and milk as well -i think i just used a whole lotta blueberries!
Famapa: So funny that HE wakes up like that! i don''t think my little baby quite have a scheduale! there don't seem to be any rhythm to it :) except that he/she wakes up as soon as i go to bed :) its a fantastic feeling!
Brit: i was so surprised how he got all the way under the chair!
Lisen: Rufus is a good kicker too!
Mieke Willems: our whole apartment is full of doghair :) luckily the woolen blanket has so much white wool in it that you can't see rufus small hairs!
Rynke: Thank you! i drink much less coffee now that im pregnant so i will have to make each and every cup a good one!
Kristina: When the sun hits our bedroom i don't see rufus for hours except when it gets too hot and he comes into our cool living room panthing like crazy :)
Maria: Smoothies are just too perfect for summer!
Ai: You are so right: Rufus is a cat inside a dog! actually whippets are known for their catlike behaviour!


mieke willems said...

waw that 2nd picture is beautiful! who wouldnt like to be rich and take vacation as often as he/she'd like to! maybe one day....!!!

lisen said...

The photos are lovley! So cute!

emma said...

so nice pics here, i totally get your wishes about those 4 weeks... ! i'm working too...
hey, so cool that this little fellow in the photos soon will get a tiny friend..!? :D = cousins?

B said...

Hvor er han bare fantastisk:) håber vi ses på onsdag...kram fra B