patch patch

Im doing triangle patchwork! its a lot of work but i think it will be oh so pretty when its done :) Im eating strawberries and white chocolate and drinking coffee too -actually i really should be ice coffee in this heat, but i always forget to freeze icecubes and my blender just broke.

Emma: Yeah im lucky rufus decided to stay home. at first he really wanted to go, but then he realised that he really does not like music
Lisen: I hate being at concerts where you have to stand really weirdly to see because you are too short. and yeah -i guess i will never be all alone anymore :)
Lina: I can't wait for some of it to be finished so i can show you!
Epe: I all ready am. actually i think i will make a whole bunch of juice tomorrow.. i wonder what to put in..
BB: i won't force you to ever drink it -but water with cucumber slices can be nice
Provins: Ja, det er faktisk virkelig godt med lidt alene tid nu og da -jeg synes bare det er super mærkeligt ikke at have nogen at snakke med! -og hvis du bliver misundelig på roskilde så bare tænk på det at vågne med tømmermænd i et totalt overophedet telt uden luft!
Steph: You are so right, this probably will be the last time i have some serious time alone! maybe i should think of a way to get D to stay away one more week....


emma said...

real nice stuff goin on here... i'm doin the same, but not triangles (too hard), i work with squares...(lazy)

kristina said...

looks beautiful - I really like the apple fabric!

lina said...

wow! i love the fabric! oh, it's going to look so good when you are finished!

chrrristine said...

oh, this is looking exciting. very pretty fabrics too, I look forward to seeing the results!

lisen said...

It looks so nice already..can imagine how cool it will be!

neftos said...

wow wow
looks nice. it will be beautiful
(and i love triangles)

STEFANIE said...

busy busy!
Can't wait to see the finished result =) I'm sure it'll turn out great!

Anonymous said...

LOVE patchwork. Cool with the triangles, should be interesting to see when it's done :)

by the way - you shouldn't drink coffe in your condition!