Brinja tagged me to name 5 things i look forward to this summer, and today is a perfect day for this tag since i will be taking a little summer break from tomorrow and the rest of the week. Here is what i look forward to: 1. Reading books! My favourite kind of vacation is some place beautiful with a good book. 2. Going to Berlin! i love that city and can't wait for another visit. 3. Preparing for the baby! i have alot of little baby-related summer projects that i can't wait to do. 4. hanging out with D and the dog without feeling guilty about not getting something done! my new life philosophy is always focusing 100% on what you are doing instead of thinking of what you should be doing. 5. Summer food and summer people -good friends and fruit, ice cream, barbecue, ice coffee. What do you look forward to this summer?? please tell me in the comments! that would make for some delicious reading! (pictures from last summer... such a perfect summer that was!)

Brit: yeah i love the smile they will bring on you face when you turn them around
May: im sorry to hear, it sucks when you can't get to do what you wanted to! but luckily there will always be other things to do! there is never only one good choice i think!
Sopchan: the pills will remind me :)
Lea: tak! de ved ikke hvad de går glip af.... :)
Hello Sandwich: thank you so much! im so so glad you like it! your blog reminded me that i have to do more colourful stuff!
Gracia: Thank you -its sometimes hard to keep the focus on good things, but its doable!
Ai: I have never been to barcelona! but i really really want to and have been planing to for years!
Rynke: They just opened a Monki shop in Copenhagen, but i still like to go to the ones in Malmö -cus its much cheaper :)
Emma: I know, at some point the positive feeling will have taken over and there won't come these little moments when i get mad or sad :) i was sad the day i found out and now im just trying to focus on how to do something even better!
Epe: no no -happy pills -i think you need some other pills to be funny :9)
Maria: Tak. Every city should have a monki shop -its so cool and affordable and i really hate overpriced things -i mean i hate when i fall in love with really overpriced things!


Kiwitz said...

wow the sunrise

alice said...

I am looking forward to going to Berlin too, my mother lives there at the moment. Actually now I look at my diary I am going next week! Do you have any Berlin tips? I go each year but I still think I have so much to discover :)

asphaltandair said...

i am looking forward to summer food like apricots, nectarines and berries.
oh, and making my own ice cream!
i am also looking forward to warm evenings by the river and grill parties.
music festivals too.
enjoy your summer sweet mette!
and enjoy the baby projects!

lisen said...

I think it sounds like many nice things you're looking forward to! Hope you get a lot of them all!

I'm also looking forward to many things..we're moving again(!) in august and it's going to be fun (but also hard to leave the house of course), meet some old friends and also new people I'm a bit curious about... I'm also longing for reading and sleeping, swim with Stina and finish my 2nd book about Kurt&Kio! But my favourite-thing is to spend time with Gustav & Stina, just do whatever we like, maybe we're taking a trip somewhere...yes, its sure going to be nice!

Wishing you the best summer, and be careful and watch out for snakes, OK?! :)

louise said...

Sounds like a great list to me I especially like your new philosophy.

Perhaps I could list a few Winter plans as Summer seems too far away. They include reading as well; painting morning, noon and night; walks through the local parks; and a film festival.

Hope you have a lovely break. xo lj

Maria said...

Nice plans mette! :)
I'm looking forward to our trip to Zürich in July, relaxing at our summercottage and have long cosy breakfasts or dinners outside, gettig much inspiration and start painting again + just having fun.

Have some nice days and see you soon;)

crazedunicorn said...

love your blog. check it out whenever i have the time.

beautiful pictures. sweetest bebe et chien.

i'm swedish. but living in singapoere.

keep on keeping on.

Abeo said...

having the people you love around you is really so important. And of course, nice food and good books. Oh and forgot to mention, i don't experience slow loading problems anymore. yay.

sweet fine day/Jenna said...

wow on the first photo!

summers are a bit of a slow season for our business so I'm looking forward to having a little breather before a busy fall starts up again. Also a week at the beach. Warm evenings spent outside. Wearing more dresses and sandals.