we spend our second day mostly in prenzlauerberg. Starting out with a delicious brunch at Anna Blume, continuing with some shopping and then cake and coffee. We had planned to eat sushi for dinner, but we couldn't find the place and were tired, so -don't tell anyone - we went back to Friedrichhain and had burgers at frittiersalon once again :) i guess its fitting since we had burgers at our wedding.

Marion: me too.
Sandra: yes its a very fitting place for wedding-related activities :)
▶ asphaltandair: before we went to the photobooth we thought maybe it was too romantic for us, but it was just right :)
Tommy: i know - a year flown by! hope you go back and discover some secret places!
milk tooth's rain: how cool that you are moving there! we were staying at an apartment a group of our friends have bought down there. its a place you wanna go back to!
▶ christine: thank you! we ate alot of great places! do take note :)
Young: åhr det lyder perfekt med en grotte til hans musik!
franziska: the dolores-juice was great. we didn't try the food though it look delicious!
▶ Fliss: hi hi -maybe im leaning abit. i had not thought about but i guess i really can't see my feet if i stand upright :)
Sylvester and mama: takker
▶ Epe: aw thank you for the comment -and yes! that is funny!


home sweet home

YAY -we are back from a great trip to Berlin. two things are great about that: 1 -it was a really good trip. 2 -i love coming home again :) Actually the trip was a honeymoon of sorts. We celebrated our very first wedding anniversary down there! to think that its been a year since all of this... and now a baby on the way! crazy! -or maybe very very predictable :)

I think im gonna give you Berlin day-by-day -it is a trip very much documented by places we ate :) -we spend all our time walking around our favourite neighbourhoods and stopping for juice or coffee when ever i got tired! nice! Here we have among other things from the first day: coffee and a fruitshake at Superstore, juice from Dolores and delicious delicious burgers and fries from Frittiersalon.

Sofie: hi hi -the link was meant to surprise! and nightpictures of the lamp are coming!
Mieke Willems: Thank you -kurt and kio is great for the shelves because of all the colours!
Lina: Thank you so much -yes i did draw it! i have another one with a pink panda. i so rarely draw anymore..
Freja: Det er også virkelig nogle gode køb! jeg kan ikke lide store reoler så hylderne er rigtig gode til at udstille udvalgte ting og bøger!
Young: Det er den fineste bog med en plade i (hvis du da ikke allerede ved det :)) så du ham på blågårdens bibliotek sidste år?
Lisen: Like i said to mieke ect. its perfect for displaying because of the perfect colours!
Daydream lilly: I love artbooks, but you don't use them enough if they are stored away on a shelve! and often they are pieces of art in them selves!
Hello Sandwich: You are so sweet -and i love your comment about the girly-girly style vs. boyfriend friendly! Im actually really glad that D has an opinion about the things in our home and has made my style more... diverse maybe. If i lived alone i would have gone crazy buying things in my own style, but im not sure the result would be as good :)
Maria: Thanks! im looking forward to finishing the sofa!! its made from a bed really with giant pillows. i really wanted a sofa that was better for relaxing than our old.
Anonymous/mutti: jeg ved det, jeg ved det -men du må vente til jeg er færdig med hele sofaen :)
Niller: Han er en meget sulten dreng! tillykke med fødselsdagen!
kee and fi: Its just two little screws pr. shelve.. but i know how it is! when we got this place, it was the first time the walls were truly ours!


another little project finished: shelves over our soon to be new sofa (the giant cushions are finished but the sofa-part isn't). I think im gonna have some big prints made from some of my photos to display on the shelves with the books. Im gonna take a little blog break until the middle of next week! be good till i come back!

Stefanie, Yukster: I was surprised by such a great find at ikea!
Lea: Det er en camilla plum opskrift!
Ai: it feels really good to lie in bed with a giant firework over you!
Kristina: nu kan du se hvordan den ser ud i et virkeligt hjem! et godt køb tror jeg!
Emma: uuhhh a dad at ikea -doesn't sound bad!!
Katrine, Hayley, lina: Thanks!
Roberta Jane: uhh maybe its exclusively scandinavian :)



Yesterday i could finally hang my new giant dandelion-lamp! Its H U G E and is making our bedroom feel like a dream. Before this we only had one small lamp in the bedroom (it seems every time i change the light bulb in one of our bedside lamps -the other one dies! how can that be?). I love huge lamps because they can be so impressive and i love how the this one is so light and airy! + it makes the most beautiful pattern on the walls and ceilings when its dark! its from here!

Francesca: Me too, but im usually not a very good baker so i often disappoint my self!
Sandra: Thanks. I don't even know if we have a word in danish for those kinds of spray bottles but i get the idea :) good tip!
E: It sounds very scary when you throw in the water and it evaporates! cool and scary. I think it gives the bread a crunchier crust!
Anne: Thank you so much. We have had a shift in weather so now its changes from rain to sun and back all the time. very danish i think!
Hayley: Thank you so much -and thank you for visiting my blog! stop by any time!
Louise: I think so too -and not very big at all. maybe its not its full size yet.
Epe: hi hi -the bread is all gone now :)



I had some bread-success which is rare! maybe it was because i actually followed the recipe! The best trick? throwing a cup of water in the bottom of the hot oven when you put in the bread!

Hello Sandwich: Thank you for your sweet sweet comment! i will have to do a lot of crafting before the kid comes, because at that point crafting will probably be the last thing on my mind :)
Miss Janet: tusind tak! tak fordi du kigger forbi
Mieke Willems: The frog was crazy -so rare that i see animals like that :)
Lea: Tror nok det faktisk er en tudse... men jeg ved det ikke..
Júlía: so good to hear from you! hope everything is good with you!
Ai: ha ha -cool. the cat was so beautiful!
Francesca: Yes, my aunt and uncle keep such a beautiful garden -it had wild strawberries and cherries and all sorts of stuff!
Paula: The best feeling! Long Long looks so incredibly much like rufus.
Maria: thank you. i do not understand why the frog kept coming closer, maybe its really used to people! maybe it was somebody's pet!
K: Thank you. i don't even know the cats name, but it was beautiful!



Some more of that summetime feeling from when my parents + sister and Ivan were here! we had some cool animal visits in the garden: a sweet cat and a big frog! how cool is the frog?? i got really close with my camera and it just kept jumping towards me!!

Everyone: Im so glad you all liked the ball! i copied the idea from a ball-cover by Karmameju. It was a challenge to sew, but not as hard as i feared. I have sewed for a long time, but i am a very impatient and sloppy crafter and i usually just try things out with out much calculating -and i make alot of mistakes!! i think everyone can sew if the just make room for some adjusting and some error!! So get sewing!
I did it like this: measured the ball from top to bottom and three places around. Then i divided the round-measures by 6 and and cut 6 pieces of fabric in the hight of the ball and using the three measure points (for example (not the real measures): 11 cm down = 16 cm wide, 30 cm down = 26 cm wide -if you get the idea). i made half a ball-test to see if i was on the right track. Then i sewed the 6 pieces together + a zipper, inflated the ball inside the cover with the seams on the outside and used needles to adjust the places where it did not fit tightly. luckily after making the fittings and inflating the ball again everything seemed to fit! It was a lot easier than i thought it would be, but i did have to inflate and deflate the ball a couple of times to try it on. -and hey: so good to hear from all the new commentators!!


a ball of wool to sit on

Y E S! i finished another sewing project: a woollen cover for my yoga/pilates/sitting ball -its really really good for a pregnant back since you don't sit all static. And the cover makes it friendlier and prettier than the rubber-look. i think. im really happy with the result! i have a lot of other small projects i will soon show you, but some how its hard to find the time to get them really finished! you know that feeling?

Sandra: Thank you for the coffee-tip! rufus likes that you are jealous, but it also reminded him that he is not going either!
Epe: Thank you
Ai: Cool that you could use it for your interview!
Famapa: Exactly! its such a lovely moment to have captured. Waiting for the baby to make a move
Emma: D blushed when i read him your comment -and so did i, cos i cut his hair :)
Katrine: Ja, det er skønt at den vokser, men jeg tænker også at den gerne må stoppe inden den bliver sådan, du ved, virkelig virkelig stor! det kan jeg ikke helt overskue :)
Lisen: you are so right. right now the sky is getting really really dark and we are getting ready for some crazy rain and thunder -but its still warm



I finally had time to edit some of the photos i have taken in the past week. We have been hanging out at my aunt and uncles house while they were away in between going to work. These are from an evening when Louise stopped by, we grilled and talked and enjoyed the summer. don't worry -i did not touch the beers :)

Everyone: Thank you for your sweet comments! i will be back to some real replies soon!!