I had some bread-success which is rare! maybe it was because i actually followed the recipe! The best trick? throwing a cup of water in the bottom of the hot oven when you put in the bread!

Hello Sandwich: Thank you for your sweet sweet comment! i will have to do a lot of crafting before the kid comes, because at that point crafting will probably be the last thing on my mind :)
Miss Janet: tusind tak! tak fordi du kigger forbi
Mieke Willems: The frog was crazy -so rare that i see animals like that :)
Lea: Tror nok det faktisk er en tudse... men jeg ved det ikke..
Júlía: so good to hear from you! hope everything is good with you!
Ai: ha ha -cool. the cat was so beautiful!
Francesca: Yes, my aunt and uncle keep such a beautiful garden -it had wild strawberries and cherries and all sorts of stuff!
Paula: The best feeling! Long Long looks so incredibly much like rufus.
Maria: thank you. i do not understand why the frog kept coming closer, maybe its really used to people! maybe it was somebody's pet!
K: Thank you. i don't even know the cats name, but it was beautiful!


Francesca said...

i love fresh bread!!!

sandra said...

looks so yummy! when johan bakes, he always uses a blomspruta (don't know the english word, but a spray bottle you use for flowers) like a freak and the result is great. will tell him about the cup!

e said...

great tip, thanks! looks great... mmmm...

Anne said...

Wow Mette, your bread looks delicious!
...and so does all your summery pictures too. Good to see some of that Scandi-summerlight. I'm very much wanting to go home soon for a summer visit. Lovely to see your little bump!

epe said...

mmmmmmm i want a bite! :)

Hayley said...

mmm... i love bread.
my mother and i just baked 2 loaves of delicious zucchini bread today! to die for..
and sometimes i wish i was still in school so that my bio teacher could bring in her chocolate chip banana bread. DELICIOUS. (:

lea said...

ser virkelig godt ud mette, den opskrift må jeg prøve!