I got this beautiful tool for making bread from my dad because of my bachelor thesis -he made it him self and he bakes the best bread with the one he has got -the best thing about mine is the very cute, sort of sad or melancholy face at the top. I have been experimenting with my pizza-dough. For some time i have tried a really fluid one that you sort of smear on baking-paper, but I think I'm returning to something a bit more solid again. I have also been trying using spelt-flour instead of wheat and a coarser durum. Both are working really well!

everyone: Thank you so much for the sweet comments!
BB: Its quite allright to ask! and yes, they probably are... i have to face it, especially since i have at least three other major triangles project in the making... all for our living room... more is more??
Anna Caroline & Lina: They are cut from adhesive folio -really easy to work with, but im not really sure about the durability :) The plan is to maybe paint the bookcase at some point
Niller: Right on!
Rose: Tak -nej bogkassen er fra Trævarefabrikkernes udslag -prøv at google det, de har flere forskellige slags -og trekanterne klipper jeg selv af sådan noget klæbefolie man kan købe ved farvehandlere -der er tit tern bag på så det er nemt at klippe først firkanter og så dele dem i trekanter! Prøv det!
Gamza: Thank you so much -such a sweet comment! a furniture blog would be so much fun -and a little dangerouse! i would be totally absorbed!


Katrine Ny said...

Uhm, den bund ser altså god ud!!

young said...

Hvor er det en sej pind!
Og hvor ser det helt ekstremt lækkert ud... jeg bliver virkelig sulten.

Little Nutbrown Hare said...

I never knew there is a tool like this for bread making!