we spend our second day mostly in prenzlauerberg. Starting out with a delicious brunch at Anna Blume, continuing with some shopping and then cake and coffee. We had planned to eat sushi for dinner, but we couldn't find the place and were tired, so -don't tell anyone - we went back to Friedrichhain and had burgers at frittiersalon once again :) i guess its fitting since we had burgers at our wedding.

Marion: me too.
Sandra: yes its a very fitting place for wedding-related activities :)
▶ asphaltandair: before we went to the photobooth we thought maybe it was too romantic for us, but it was just right :)
Tommy: i know - a year flown by! hope you go back and discover some secret places!
milk tooth's rain: how cool that you are moving there! we were staying at an apartment a group of our friends have bought down there. its a place you wanna go back to!
▶ christine: thank you! we ate alot of great places! do take note :)
Young: åhr det lyder perfekt med en grotte til hans musik!
franziska: the dolores-juice was great. we didn't try the food though it look delicious!
▶ Fliss: hi hi -maybe im leaning abit. i had not thought about but i guess i really can't see my feet if i stand upright :)
Sylvester and mama: takker
▶ Epe: aw thank you for the comment -and yes! that is funny!


K said...

Ohhh I love Berlin! And you two are so damn adorable.

Kristina said...

great photos! we were also in berlin a few weeks ago, and we also had brunch at anna blume! :-)
happy belated anniversary!

Anonymous said...

mmm... all those smoothies look delicious! lovely food photos!

Anonymous said...

oh that ring is so beautiful.. Happy Anniversary, what a lush way to celebrate.ox

Hayley said...

such lovely photos!

Anonymous said...

lovely !