home sweet home

YAY -we are back from a great trip to Berlin. two things are great about that: 1 -it was a really good trip. 2 -i love coming home again :) Actually the trip was a honeymoon of sorts. We celebrated our very first wedding anniversary down there! to think that its been a year since all of this... and now a baby on the way! crazy! -or maybe very very predictable :)

I think im gonna give you Berlin day-by-day -it is a trip very much documented by places we ate :) -we spend all our time walking around our favourite neighbourhoods and stopping for juice or coffee when ever i got tired! nice! Here we have among other things from the first day: coffee and a fruitshake at Superstore, juice from Dolores and delicious delicious burgers and fries from Frittiersalon.

Sofie: hi hi -the link was meant to surprise! and nightpictures of the lamp are coming!
Mieke Willems: Thank you -kurt and kio is great for the shelves because of all the colours!
Lina: Thank you so much -yes i did draw it! i have another one with a pink panda. i so rarely draw anymore..
Freja: Det er også virkelig nogle gode køb! jeg kan ikke lide store reoler så hylderne er rigtig gode til at udstille udvalgte ting og bøger!
Young: Det er den fineste bog med en plade i (hvis du da ikke allerede ved det :)) så du ham på blågårdens bibliotek sidste år?
Lisen: Like i said to mieke ect. its perfect for displaying because of the perfect colours!
Daydream lilly: I love artbooks, but you don't use them enough if they are stored away on a shelve! and often they are pieces of art in them selves!
Hello Sandwich: You are so sweet -and i love your comment about the girly-girly style vs. boyfriend friendly! Im actually really glad that D has an opinion about the things in our home and has made my style more... diverse maybe. If i lived alone i would have gone crazy buying things in my own style, but im not sure the result would be as good :)
Maria: Thanks! im looking forward to finishing the sofa!! its made from a bed really with giant pillows. i really wanted a sofa that was better for relaxing than our old.
Anonymous/mutti: jeg ved det, jeg ved det -men du må vente til jeg er færdig med hele sofaen :)
Niller: Han er en meget sulten dreng! tillykke med fødselsdagen!
kee and fi: Its just two little screws pr. shelve.. but i know how it is! when we got this place, it was the first time the walls were truly ours!


Marion said...

I love so much Berlin. So much.

sandra said...

happiness to celebrate anniversary in berlin :) i look forward to seeing all the pictures (will be sure to eat before i look so i don't die of hunger).

asphaltandair said...

so great to see the first installment of your Berlin photos!
these are so playfully romantic.
love them all!
looking forward to seeing the rest of your food-filled adventures : )

Little Nutbrown Hare said...

Has it really been a year already? Congratulations! My first trip to Berlin was a little mixed but maybe I'd like to go again. Perhaps your pictures over the next few days will help me decide.

milk tooth's rain said...

Hey I came back from Berlin on Sunday night, I'm so in love with that city that I'm going to move there on January..
So have fun! I'll follow all your post with jealousy and curiosity. <3

chrrristine said...

congratulations for your first anniversary! i'll be watching out for your berlin food posts as i'm going next week to see my best friend. your pictures make me look forward to it even more!

young said...

Ih, jeg vil altså også snart til Berlin igen!
Jo, jeg har selv Mount Eerie pladen. Den er edderflot! Så ham ikke sidst på bibben, men har set ham en del gange over de sidste mange år :) Jeg var i Bergen i denne omgang, og så ham da han spillede der. Det var fint med video, synes jeg. Han spillede i sådan en grotte, så det var ret passende. Mm, Bergen!

franziska said...

congrats for your anniversary!!
oh, i love dolores!!! it is great to stop by for a snack after an exhausting shopping tour around the corner :)

fliss said...

Your trip looks wonderful and perfect eating your way around. I'm up for that!
You look gorgeous and can still see your feet...or are you leaning over a bit more? hehe!
Happy anniversary.

epe said...

beautiful details mette! i love these little pieces: eyes, fingers, ears, confetti... :)
(in argentina dolores is a girl name but means pains, it's funny, don't you think so?)