a bit more city-nature from another place along the way to the vet. We just got the last part of the sopranos final season on dvd, so the rest of the evening is going to be mafia.

Sandra: Thanks -and yeah, rufus was really disappointed. I was like: "couldn't you just be happy for her? i mean you live very far apart" but he just sulked in his cave.
Epe: You are so right! i have to get my photographing-act together!
sylvesterandmama: thanks! i haven't finished it yet...
Little Nutbrown Hare: Neither did i :) but if my dad uses one i trust that it is important! i just made some bread that turned out great and im sure its all because of the stick :)
Emma: I love that there are so many different flowers there. in the middle of a really boring neighbourhood!
Fine Little Day: Thank you so much!
Lisen: Sometimes when its really hot and rufus is home alone i get all nervous even though the window is open and he has plenty of water. Actually he hardly drinks or eats anything when he is alone -its as if he forgets! and then when we come home he is so thirsty :) When we talked about moving to sweden we also found out that even if we just brought Rufus from sweden to denmark for a short visit he would have to get all sorts of things. so difficult -but i guess Sweden has a lot less sick dogs. I hate ticks though! thats the only good thing about the fact that we can't take rufus to a forest very often. bla bla bla :)


Anonymous said...

I love the sopranos!!

I have a giveaway going on over at my place if you want to enter :)

lisen said...

I actually love "dog-talk", I really do - in the same way I guess parents love to talk about their kids. :) It never ends.

Soon you've got both of these things to talk about! :D

Maria said...


Good that Rufus did well at the vet:) ..and your triangle-bookcase looks great!