another little project finished: shelves over our soon to be new sofa (the giant cushions are finished but the sofa-part isn't). I think im gonna have some big prints made from some of my photos to display on the shelves with the books. Im gonna take a little blog break until the middle of next week! be good till i come back!

Stefanie, Yukster: I was surprised by such a great find at ikea!
Lea: Det er en camilla plum opskrift!
Ai: it feels really good to lie in bed with a giant firework over you!
Kristina: nu kan du se hvordan den ser ud i et virkeligt hjem! et godt køb tror jeg!
Emma: uuhhh a dad at ikea -doesn't sound bad!!
Katrine, Hayley, lina: Thanks!
Roberta Jane: uhh maybe its exclusively scandinavian :)


mieke willems said...

looks nice! i recognise lisens great book that i own too!!
have a nice break and we'll be waiting here for you!

lina said...

i like that panda drawing! did you do it?

young said...

Ih, Mount Eerie. Hvor fint!

lisen said...

:)))) such great feeling to see K&K at your place, so nice!!

Daydream Lily said...

oh wow, these are great!! I want some to put all my artsy books on display.
x Liss

Hello Sandwich said...

so cute! I love your little collection of things! I love your style! And your husband is lucky your style is not too girly girly! like me! haha! Sometimes I try to be more 'couple friendly' style! But then I see a floral vase and it all goes out the window! haha!
Love your blog way too much! Especially your super cool layout xxx
Have a lovely week!
Love Love
Hello Sandwich

Maria said...

it looks great! and I'm looking forward to see the sofa:) I really like your big new lamp too.

Anonymous said...

jeg vil se puderne!!!!!!

kee and fi said...

excellent shelves....not sure if our landlords would let us put them up in our rented house so i can vicariously enjoy them through your blog! can never have too many 'display surfaces'

louise said...

Fantastiske hylder! Er de fra IKEA?

I øvrigt sidder jeg og græder lidt over at jeg ikke bor som jer...