smudged nature

I have been such a bad photographer lately, forgetting to bring my camera or forgetting to use it. When i took Rufus to the vet i finally brought my little digicam and took some photos of the city-nature along the way. What i had not noticed was a gigantic smudge on the lens which made for an interesting result. I decided to try and make it into a style and cranked up the contrast on the photos. Rain and thunder just hit copenhagen. Im not ready for summer to end.

Sandra: He's not speaking to you since you got married :)
Lina: This was a strawberry and peach smoothie. My favourite right now is one with raspberries, apple-juice, banana, yoghurt and ginger (the last four things i almost always use)
Kristina and Julia: Yes, Rufus is very very very happy to have him back -he almost missed D more than me.
Steph.: Can babies suffer from colour-overload? i hope not :)
Emma: I love the way rufus is lying so relaxed and safe
Lisen: Thank you for the luck! -good luck with stinas vaccinations :) did you know that if Rufus had to visit stina he would have to get several shots six months in advance before going to sweden?? you swedes are crazy sometimes :)


sandra said...

tell rufus bigamy is ok when it comes to him ;) poor guy, i must have offended him seriously. love all the blossom and colours in these pictures. and the smudge is fun, we call it vaselinfilter in swedish :)

epe said...

these pictures are absolutely beautiful, you have to go out with your camera more often mette! :)

emma said...

i can smell these..!!!!!

lisen said...

yeah, I know..about the vaccination-stuff Denmark/Sweden! No one at all I think, if Stina would go visit Rufus, but if she should wanna go home then..oh lord, it would be a looong visit ;) Crazy rules.
We talked with our vet about all that the other week actually..about diseases and also ticks and other vermins. She tought dogs should'nt move from their country at all, because of the risk with infections etc, vermins who can spread and acclimatize. She told us about a dangerous tick that maybe is moving in into europe..yeck! Hate ticks!

ps. it also was a dog there who almost DIED from the heat that, I almost started to cry..dont know if he made it...so so horrible!! Cant belive what people are thinking..??!! Heat, ticks..its a lot to protect the dog from...

blablabla. ;)
beautiful flowers, very exotic!