wow sometimes time travels so fast. All summer i have had a to do list of about 60 things. all projects to be finished before the baby comes in late october. And i have been enjoying doing all these projects alot, but wow. times travels fast. we are like mid-august now! october is moving ever closer and summer is actually kind of over. it surprises me. (the list is at 54 now but i keep adding two things every time i finish one :)

Emma: thanks emma! i straighten my bangs and as soon as i go out it sort of curls up a little bit :)
Sofie: yep he sure does! these were second hand and perfect for being pregnant in!
Anne: I love the label and the colour of the lemonade! there were so many beautiful colours to choose between! i chose the one that matched my tights :)
Epe: Thank you! i have actually printed it because i really like it too. good photo-work D!
mieke willems: i really like the composition of the sec. pic too!
Steph: you feel awesome when you wear them!
Hello Sandwich: The day after the nap in the park it started raining! the weather is so danish now: sun, rain, sun, rain every 15 minutes!
Fine little shop: Thank you so much :) Im bad at taking "real" belly shots to follow the development -will just take alot of other shots of my belly to remember it
sopchan: Exactly!


sandra said...

i have to add something to your list: give rufus a kiss from sandra :)

e said...

that neck!!

sweet fine day/Jenna said...

I know! This summer has been crazy. Can't believe it's almost over and now there's all this Fall stuff rearing its head. I LOVE Fall, but not sure I'm ready for it to come yet!

Bombay Beauty said...

The first picture reminds me of London... Overcast but intense colours... Though it is not the NY way, it is like that here today... BB

kristina said...

beautiful roses, and oooh sweet rufus!!

lina said...

i completely know what you mean! i'm almost done with summer school & it feels like i didn't even have a summer!

Lisen said...

I think it's an interesting thing people here up north EVERY year says that the summer went so fast blabla..haha, like if the LAST summer was so long, it never is?! ;) I never heard of a long summer? Have you?

but yeah, time runs fast, especially when its "9 months countdown-time".. I can just imagine...!! :D