blanket x 3

more projects finished! this summer full of sewing projects my sewing-machine broke twice! and since i bought it online I had to send it across the country to get it fixed. Luckily they where very quick sending it back, so now I can finally finish a lot of projects! For example I finished three blankets for the baby. two thick, quilted ones and one lighter. Hope they will be good for swaddling. I realise there is a real possibility that our baby will go colour-crazy and triangle mad, but I don't care! I can't stop making these triangle patchwork-things! good thing its gonna be a winter baby so we can cuddle in all these blankets!

Lisen: he he -guys can be so strange with things like that! "i don't like coffee tables" "i don't like things on wheels" :) you just have to convince them slowly :)
Sopchan: much more diy coming up as i finish all the different things i have started months ago :) And thank you so much for the Oslo tip! i would really like to see the operahouse as well!
Mieke Willems: there is an explosion of home projects on the blog these days because im finally finishing things :) maybe i need to spread it out a little more, but i do spend most of my free time working on these things!
Emma: i love it when i have made a really good solution and feel really handy :) handy is a goood feeling!
Maria: So glad you like the sofa! it turned our much better than i could have hoped for. you never know when you start out with such a project!
Katrine ny: Det var D der insisterede på at vi skulle prøve at lave forlængerledningen! han hader grimme ledninger!
B: Og vi glæder os så meget til at du kan passe ham! det er rart at vide at han har det godt mens vi er væk!
Anonymous: thanks thanks!
Kristina: tusind tak! vi er også blevet rigtig glade for rummet!


Søhesten said...

Hvor er det bare fantastisk, dit tæppe!
Din baby bliver farvestimuleret på den gode, gode måde!

emma said...

such a nice blanket! i'm actually going to the textile shop in a moment... so inspiring - this!
and good to hear about the machine which is whole again.
SO hard when things break down...i just sent my telephone away ...

Lisen said...

WOW! You're a pro!!!!

Anonymous said...

jubii. Stoffet fik et nyt fint hjem. hvor der snart bor tre. og en rufus. vid, jeg er helt helt spændt.

lina said...

oh i love them! all of the trianles & different color/patterned fabric is just wonderful.

Katrine Ny said...

Du skal have ros igen, for hold op hvor er de tæpper bare flotte! Jeg er helt sikker på at jeres baby kommer til at elske dem.

boomcakalaca said...

I love the blankets! The triangle is a wonderful idea... quite inspiring! I'm pretty new to sewing. Can't seem to make a straight line with a machine :)

emma said...

hey. again. do you fill it with something inside...?? something fluffy or just empty?

A home far away said...

Fin blogg!

Kram Gunilla i Singapore

Anna Caroline said...


Wow, looks like you have been busy. Stunning piece as always :)

Also, thanks for the feedback about Ikeas Maskros lamp :)

Anna Caroline
Design Studio 210

louise said...

So impressive, really. And I think your baby will be super colour aware. A very happy baby all wrapped up in such beautiful triangles.

Luna : said...

did you use an ikea bed set to make the blanket? i have the same one, however it seems very boring in comparaison to your very cute blanket!! xx

Litofam said...

Hvor er det flot! :-) Sådan et gad jeg godt købe - sælger du dem nogen steder?

o l y said...

oh my oh my
it's soooooo beautiful !!!!!!


Celine said...

I LOVE these quilts so much!!! Especially the triangles!! I really want to make a quilt like that too!

Lena said...

I wish I had your skills... It looks great, I envy the baby!