So our trip is coming to an end. This is just a few snaps from our last day in berlin -ending with boring sandwiches at the not so charming tegel airport -how come berlin has closed the only airport with any history and personality? It was a really wonderful trip just as berlin should be. Next we plan to go to reykjavik and stockholm -we'll see- we are not the biggest travellers in the world and i really really enjoy being back home again :)

franziska: yes cos is a great store -we have one in copenhagen too, so i thought it would be silly to spend to much time there, but they did have 70% off their sale stuff...
Hanna: i think the same thought everytime i see the picture
Sylvester and mama: its the best! ... well one of the best anyway!
Niller: åh nej, hvilken lille, hyggelig cafe var det??
Ai: i know -i thought about it too and thought about how bad i would be at stealing!
Lisen: very good and very very fresh juice, but quite expensive compared to some of the other places we went
Ida: go go go -and thank you for reading!! ▶ Hayley: we don't eat out much here in copenhagen so i will be looking at these food photos alot!!
K: there you go!
Ashley: i could so have handled that cake before i got pregnant! but now? anything big and sweet is too much :(
Louise: go go go
Gamze: When they served them i thought it was spoons too. nothing better than cold, freshly squeezed oj!


Brit said...

I haven't been to Berlin yet... But it's definitely on my list! Your pictures of Berlin overall are lovely! The food... Mmmm mouthwatering!

milk tooth's rain said...

I've seen the kaleidoskop poster too in prenzlauer berg, it as cool as simple :D

Hayley said...

the second photo is so awesome!

emma said...

Hey! Welcome home. I just saw these posts (I'm back from vacation as well) and I just sit here...and I'm so jealous at YOU TWO! It's a year, exactly one year, since we went to Berlin now, and I so want to go there again. -NOW! 50 years anniversary for Bauhaus and all.
I so love it and your trip seems to have been great. Cheers!

epe said...

beautiful, thank your for sharing your special view from berlin.
reykjavik sounds fantastic!! :)

lisen said...

home is the best, i totally agree. especially with a dgo waiting for you.. :)

sc said...

Ouuh! Bionade, Bagel and Berlin - what a superb combo! Lovely photos as well.