two more new details from our living room. I made a coffee table from a leftover from our kitchen and four wheels. Its on wheels to make both me and D happy, since D does not want a coffee table and i do = a coffee table that can be rolled under the sofa! And then i decorated an extension cord with b i g wooden beads. I have stolen the idea from here and im very pleased with the result! its always cool when you can make something yourself for a fraction of the price.

And now for something completely different: D and i are following my sister and her band to Oslo at the end of the month. Her band is playing on the ferry to Oslo! We have only a little over one day in Oslo and we need some good tips! what should we do while in town? know any good cafes, places and shops to visit? i have never been to Oslo before so i have no idea where to start :)

Lisen: thanks! from all three -me, the sofa and rufus!
Maikki: Yay! im so happy you are returning to the blogworld! i don't know what this kind of mattress is called in english, but directly translated it would be box mattress. its really really good for naps!!
▶ E: thank you!
Sofie: I can't seem to stop myself -and there will be even more triangles in upcoming posts!
Stefanie: Thank you!
Mutti: tak! og ja -reolen fungerer ret godt der!
▶ Cecilie: :) tak skal du have. Her i sommer"ferien" samler jeg op på alle de ting jeg normalt ikke når at lave, så det er lidt overvældende
Flora: I promise you its very very good for afternoon naps :)
▶ §§: det er så rart at vide at du kan læse med der hvor du er nu! og maile! og skype!
Katrine Ny: TAK! og ja, den er så perfekt til oreos! bare de var lidt billigere i dk..
Leen: thank you so much. we looked around for a long time too and could not find the right sofa to the right price. this one was very cheap since we got the mattress from my parents basement and the fabric is from a very cheap place.
▶ Provins: ja, man må virkelig stole på sig selv. Vi vil holde navnet hemmeligt til den lille er her, for det er svære at kritisere et navn, når man først ser en lille sød baby hedde det :)
Sandra: Thanks! im really happy to have a comfortable couch! one you can take naps in and lie next to your dog or your man!
BB: thank you! yes i am obsessed and i can't seem to stop with the triangles -you will see. Im so happy with this solution because it was cheap and it works so well!
Mieke Willems: aw thank you! its so important to me how the atmosphere in my home is, so it means alot to me that you like it too.
Ai: Yay indeed. it took along time to decide on fabric and such, but as always i just ended up doing something instead thinking :)
▶ Epe: hi hi -yes D thought it was nice if i showed the couch in use so he snapped some pictures when i took a little rest -not hard to capture me in a moment like that these days :)
Famapa: hi hi -it think the picture is creating an illusion! im huge :) i will have to show a picture of the full belly from the side, then you will see!! still can't get used to the thought that it will get even bigger :)


lisen said...

Wow, great idea with the wodden beads! And great both of you is pleased with the table. :D Gustav dont like furnitures on wheels but I think its quite nice and smart, I had a desk on wheels once but he just complained "it feels like its rolling it want to escape from here..!" haha.

Have fun on the trip!!

sopchan said...

That is a brilliant compromise! And chic too :) I love the beads, they fill that William Morris tenent of being both beautiful and useful. (must make the cable less vulnerable...)

I missed a couple of days, I must stay your DIY homefurnishing is inspiring.

steph. said...
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sopchan said...

Oh, and I just went to Oslo for my break! I was there for a week and think you'd like to go to the Grünerløkka district in the north east of the city, it has some lovely shops and cafes. I am uploading my (poor!) pictures I'd like to take another visit there...

Hope you get suggestions from some Oslo residents...

The new Oslo Opera House an amazing building.

mieke willems said...

oh you're so handy, i can't believe! making something new all the time! you're really using your holiday in a good way!!

never been to oslo, but i guess it's very nice!

emma said...

S-M-R-T! I mean S-M-A-R-T.. ;D
And really nice. Handywoman! Great that everyone is happy!

Maria said...

Great idea, and it looks very good too!! The sofa turned out WONDERFUL too it looks so comfortable.
I wish i could give you some oslo-tips, but I have neer been there..I have friends who live there though, so maybe I could ask them of what is a must see:)

Katrine Ny said...

Ja, hvorfor ikke gøre noget ud af de dér ellers grimme, men uundværlige dagligdagsting...
Super fedt trick med forlængerledningen!
Og sofabordet ser også godt ud. Vi har også et sofabord på hjul - det er en gammel palle, min far har malet hvid og monteret hjul på. Det er virkelig praktisk med sådan et rullende bord. :)
PS: Ved desværre intet om Oslo, never been there...

B said...

Der er helt fantastik i Oslo, der er en dejlig park hvor der er et springvand, ret hyggeligt:) såvidt jeg husker;) Glæder mig rigtig meget til at passe rufus og hus når i er afsted. Rigtig god tur...

Anonymous said...

Top top

kristina said...

jättesnyggt med pärlorna på sladden! ert vardagsrum blir verkligen fint!

Anonymous said...

hey, din blog er så fin. jeg har også tænkt på at lave en selv, men er det muligt at få kuglerne i byggemarkeder eller hvordan? marie

happy sally said...

åh sladden med träpärlorna är fantastisk! skulle så himla gärna göra det hemma också, men lyckas inte riktigt klura ut hur du fått på dom på sladden med så små fina hål, vad är knepet?
peppade hälsningar från emma