golden the ponyboy

This weekend has been all about staying in. we watched Deadwood and The Outsiders and fell in love with the name Ponyboy. What do you think?? tonight we've been decorating the living room while listening to Malk de koijn and Beethoven.

Jenna: I love fall too, but its always a little surprising when it comes around :)
BB: the danish summer weather is all about sun and rain every five minutes.
Kristina: I love having roses out side our front door. They are on each side of the entrance and make me smile :)
Lina: D always claims he has had no vacation at all when fall comes around. its only sort of true :)
Ashley: pure
Lisen: It used to be that 9 months felt like a looooong time -but not any more!


lina said...

oh the outsiders! i love that movie : ) ponyboy love love love:] the name ponyboy also reminds me of the movie the science of sleep, when she names the pony she makes ponyboy. if you haven't seen it you really should!

emma said...

i do also think of "science of sleep"! lovley! the baby now has a name if it is a boy? :)

Rynke said...

Hmmm, ponyboy... yes, why not? The movie is one I really like!

Love the photo by the has such a relaxed weekend-feeling :)

Lisen said...

I like Ponyboy! Its a...soft name! :D

Maria said...

Ponyboy sounds very cute!! Maybe it could be a middle-name or second name..?
What a nice and relaxing weekend you've had:)

I love your new tiger-tights!!

PROVINS said...

ponyboy- Så må vi håbe det bliver en dreng :-) Det lydder ret cool..
Den ældre generation vil nok finde det lidt mærkeligt, men jeg siger "go for it"!

betsi said...

I love your blog and the pics!