ice ice baby

a perfect ice-coffee! my old blender broke and i convinced myself i had to get a hand blender instead because it would be, well, handy when the baby comes. the problem is that i hate hand blenders. they are overrated. and they are often ugly. and not good with ice cubes.. :) but i found one that is acceptable and the big test has been ice-coffee - luckily it did it to perfection in seconds! perfect for a hot hot day like this. We have visited the midwife today and the baby is just the right size and everything. She told us how to feel the head and the back and the butt :)

Brit: as i have said to the others: go go go!
Milk tooths..: yeah i really liked the posters! and the logo is cool too!
Hayley: tanks!
Emma: Welcome home! yay for berlin and yay for vacation!


young said...

MM, den ser lækker ud! Det har virkelig været varmt på arbejde idag. Imorgen vil jeg også have iskaffe!
Og hvor er det spændende med baby... Glæder mig til at følge processen!

emma said...

(haha thank you)
what a drink, and perfect size and simple perfect straw. YUM! cheers!

kristina said...

I'm glad everything is good with the baby! and the ice coffee looks yummy :-)

Hayley said...

delicious! congrats on finding a blender that actually BLENDS! haha, i try to make smoothies and they either come out chunky or like soup...

Anonymous said...

it's 09:25 here and i am at the office now and i wish i had a glass of ice coffee

Hello Sandwich said...

owwww how adorable! you can feel your baby! So gorgeous! What a lovely time for you! And the ice coffee looks AMAZING! I wish I could drink one now too :)
Happy Weekend Lovely Lady!
Love Love
Hello Sandwich

asphaltandair said...

that coffee looks decious!
do tell us what sort of blender that is.
i want one!!!!

Anne said...

Hooray for all good news at the midwife! I'm so happy for you. (and yes that looks like a perfect iced coffee :))